Whitney Smith Runs for Leon County District Attorney

All Candidates for all elected offices in the State and Leon County that are on this years? voter ballot will be given the opportunity to be interviewed.I will publish their straight forward, factual, unbiased, and uncensored articles in the Buffalo Express.

Whitney Smith, Candidate for Leon County District Attorney

The Leon County District County Attorney position will appear on the primary ballot in March 2020 and Attorney Whitney Smith has placed his name for your consideration and vote.

Whitney Smith was born in Natchez, Mississippi, earned a Bachelor?s Degree in History from Tulane University, and his Law Degree from Louisiana State University. He began his law practice in 1995.

Smith moved to Leon County in 2003 and along with wife, Brandy Payne Smith (businesswoman and cattlewoman) are extremely happy and blessed to call Our County their home ? ?we plan to be here for the rest of lives.? Whitney and Brandy have had family in the Old Bowling community and Leon County for generations.

The Smiths have been married since July 2011 and are very proud of their ?blended? family listing Benjamin, Courtney, Andrea, Paul, and Brittany as their true assets.

Brandy manages and operates the family business and Whitney currently operates a private law practice.

Whitney Smith worked for Ray Montgomery as an assistant for two years before becoming the elected district attorney in January 2005. During this period, the District Attorney?s office tried over 45 felony cases which included murders, (adults and children), sexual assaults (including the twilight rapist trial), narcotics trafficking cases, (including local drug cases and interstate trafficking), and many other illegal activities. He also handled over 2500 cases from Grand Jury indictment to disposition during this period. Because Whitney Smith has the necessary trial experience and administrative know how, he is well qualified to be your district attorney.

Whitney Smiths? game plan - ?Leon County has 3 highly qualified Judges to hear these cases, I plan on bringing the team together, process the paperwork and charges, and bring all defendants to pleas or trial.?

When this reporter asked a highly respected/ qualified attorney what he thought about Smith he stated ?I have worked on several cases with Whitney Smith and if he indicted you ? you deserved it.?

Finally, Whitney Smith stated ?The public knows I will work hard as a Prosecutor and I have the training, experience and the track record to provide all members of Leon County ?.

Folks, please review and investigate all candidates experience, creditability, qualifications and VOTE.