Sittin' Under the Oak Tree 1-14-2020

I am tired of Christmas food and ready for some good ol’ soup and cornbread. I love my vegetables, and if I have meat or not, doesn’t spoil my day. I was raised ‘country’; you didn’t always have meat unless you hunted/harvested it yourself. I know that meat is necessary at every meal for some folks; I just don’t happen to be one of those who does.

So, once I get home today, ‘the pot’ will be on that stove top and that awesome smell will be drifting all through my house. I love beans and cornbread, soup and cornbread, and often I will just slap some butter on a chunk of cornbread, zap that booger in the micro wave, and as my kids say, I will be in ‘hog-heaven’ in about 60 seconds. Hard to please? Not too much; just ‘like what I like!’ My five sons are pretty much the same way; they will always eat meat if it’s on the table, but never hear them fussing if it isn’t.

Will end with this: Mary Ann, whom I call ‘Lil’ Sister, and me are a lot alike. We live, eat, and praise our God for whatever pops up. We are both as happy as can be with a taco salad, burger, an apple, or a package of peanut butter crackers. If our God provides it, then it is just what we needed. Picky? Nope; just love food and am thankful for God’s Hand upon our lives.

Got some good ‘home-cookin’ recipes’ laying around your house? Well, we’d sure like for you to share ‘em with us. Send ‘em to me: Honey Bee at The Buffalo Express, P.O. Box H, Buffalo, Texas 75831.

On that note, See Ya, right here, next time! God’s Blessings On You and Yours!