Leon County Support of Trent Ashby

Representative Trent Ashby with supporters Vicki and Charley Johnson, and Leon EDC President Tommy Neyland.

The Leona General Store was the location for a fund raiser in support of Trent Ashby's fifth run for the Texas House of Representatives, Monday, November 18th. The group of about 75 local supporters enjoyed a steak and sausage dinner and heard from Ashby and State Comptroller Glenn Hegar.

Representative Ashby, who grew up on a dairy farm near Lufkin, has been an advocate for the rural counties in his district. Ashby is a frequent visitor to the rural communities, knows the people, and attends all activities he can when he is not working in Austin. Ashby thanked the elected officials who were in attendance for their service, noting it is not always easy or always appreciated, but ?when we stop having good people willing to serve us, we're in trouble.?

?It has been a privilege for me to represent the people in my district for four terms,? said Ashby. ?I have always tried to the live in public as well as private by the conservative, rural values we all share. It's important to me to keep Texas the type of Texas for my kids that I grew up in.?

Ashby also stated that he felt the next biggest issue the Texas House was facing was redistricting. ?It is important that we keep all rural seats that we have now.?

Texas Comptroller Glen Hegar also spoke concerning the current economy in Texas. ?Texas is now the tenth largest economy in the world.? This is an increase as Texas had previously been ranked twelve. Hegar also thanked Ashby for his work in the house and gave his support for Ashby's re-election.