Buffalo Welcomes New Businesses

The Buffalo Shopping Center is the location for three new businesses that have opened up for Buffalo and area residents. They are getting together for a Grand Opening in the Center's parking lot on Saturday, November 23rd, between 11am and 3pm. KNES Radio will be there with a live remote. Plan to come out, meet the owners, and learn more about the newest in Buffalo.

Darla Wall owns and operates ?Wall's Wardrobe? at the end of the Center nearest Highway 79; Mendy Bowen's ?All About You? spa is located closer to the other end; and the very last unit is occupied by ?Painting by the Glass? and operated by Lynne Ault. All are worthy of a closer look.

All About You Spa

Mendy Bowen is the enthusiastic owner of the newest spa in town. This spa features many therapeutic treatments for most all that can ail a body. All set in a serene, friendly, and comfortable atmosphere. (Editor's note: I was treated to all the spa services and speak from first hand experience.)

Mendy, who lives near Buffalo on property she and her finance purchased several years ago, is passionate about what she does. And what she does is help people find relief from aches, pains, skin problems, and improve their overall well being. And, the best part, all the services are very affordable ? not expensive.

My favorite experience was the massage chair. I have had a few massages in the past, but none as complete as this one. The complete full body massage includes breathing oxygen with from a tube in a room with calming incense. This chair is amazing and gives a very good overall massage.

There are three types of saunas that take aim at weight loss, pain relief, and detoxification. Each sauna is different with different goals in mind. Another station has what looks like a tanning bed, but it's not a tanning bed. A person lies in it like a tanning bed and enjoys red light therapy that helps aches, pains, arthritis, eczema, psoriasis, and aging. This is relaxing, and I believe it works!

Another favorite is the ionic detoxification which is done through the feet. I sat in a chair with my feet in a pan of water similar to preparation for a pedicure. Mendy added salt to the water and a consistent vibration from the ionic detox machinery brought out the toxins in my body. Mendy, by looking at the different color changes in the water, could identify the types of toxins that were eliminated. I was surprised to see black in the water. Mendy said black is from metal in the body and is something she sees often in her clients from Buffalo. I think we are fortunate to have this spa in Buffalo!

Wall's Wardrobe

Darla Wall, a resident of Oakwood, opened her dress shop here on October 19th. The store specializes in clothes for plus size figures, and Darla keeps a large and varied selection in stock. Also available is silver jewelry, lots of accessory items, purses, scarves, and some gift items.

This is the first time Darla, who is the granddaughter of Buffalo's Parthena Moore Newsom, has owned and operated a store. And though she still works full time as a dental hygienist, she is excited to add business owner to her life.

?I started out with the idea of selling items at flea markets,? said Darla. ?But the first time I was at a flea market, it was terrible weather and trying to fight that made it not worth the effort. So I decided to open a permanent location.? Darla stills sells items at the flea market in Jewett on the weekends it is operating, weather permitting.

Painting by the Glass

Tucked in to the last corner of the strip mall, is a gallery where people can go to enjoy art in many formats. Lynne Ault, who is a resident of Oakwood, is the operator of the gallery which is owned by Phillis Dora of Houston Creative Arts.

The main attraction is that it is a perfect setting for Paint Parties. The party will include all the paint and supplies, the instructor, and wine and hors d'oeuvres to help make the art a relaxing and fun experience. The group will learn the basics of composition and create an artwork to frame, hang, and enjoy.

But also, Lynne plans to use the space as an art gallery for all types of arts. ?I especially want to display the work of some of our local artists,? said Lynne. ?And not only paintings and pottery, but clothing and maybe have fashion shows. I want to bring back an interest in art work in all its forms and provide a place for those who enjoy it.?

Lynne plans to have the gallery open on weekends and holidays. And anytime that a customer wants to schedule a Paint Party.