Bell Recognized For Service

RECOGNITION -- Mayor Jacqueline Morrow, Bobbie Bullock, Mrs. Dorothy Bell, Vicki Stroud and City Secretary Sherry Smith.

Mrs. Dorothy Bell has served on the Oakwood City Council for the past 25 years.

She was first elected to council is May of 1994. She resigned as council in May of 1995 to take the oath of office as Mayor of Oakwood. She served as Mayor from 1995 until May of 2005, at which time she was re-appointed as council member, as she remains now.

The City of Oakwood wanted to honor this dedication of service to the City and the community.

Mrs. Bell has generously donated not only her many years of service to the City, but she also gave generously to the entire community. She always donated funds and time to various events and organizations in and around the community. She was always willing to help out anyway she could.

One of her donations is visible upon entering the City. Mrs. Bell donated the City of Oakwood sign and the section of land it sets upon, in dedication to her late husband Mr. Cecil Bell, Sr.