Lone Star Ropes

TOUR -- The Leon County Economic Development Corporation tours Lone Star Ropes.

This month?s Leon County Economic Development Association business tour led the large group of members to east Buffalo for the tour of locally owned Lone Star Ropes.

This growing, successful business venture was started 10 years ago by Buffalo businessmen Kevin Pate, Richie Pate, and Production Manager Guy Alford from the ?ground up? and today employs 22 associates that live in the Buffalo area.

2019 has been a very productive year for these no nonsense / hard working men and Lone Star Ropes is set for a 15 % business increase over year 2018 making this operation the 4th largest rope manufacturer in the United States?. and growing.

On Thursday, October 10 President Tommy Neyland, Buffalo Mayor Jerrod Jones, and a large group of LCED members met the tour team at the manufacturing business location on FM 1848. We were warmly greeted by Chief Operating Officer Michael Dvorak and Production Manager, Guy Alford.

After brief introductions by Dvorak, we entered the Rope Shop production room where the custom blending of nylon and polyester strands in a heavily computerized/ mechanically driven climate controlled environment begins. Manager John Chapa oversees this ?hands on? workforce that insures that the customer?s rope order is started efficiently. The ?Ring Twister? machine insures that the strands are properly blended, have the proper thickness, and are taunt in order to produce ropes at the proper diameters and lengths. Waste in this area is not an option and these employees are serious and proficient in performing this important task.

After phase 1 in the production cycle is properly completed in the Rope Shop, the ropes are moved into the Wax Room where the action really ?heats up?.

Each rope is then dipped into the wax vat where the melted wax is heated to 300 degrees.

After a 10 minute soaking in ?the vat? the rope now has its own natural memory and takes on a perma-pressed trait. This process will insure that the rope will retain its proper shape and tautness in hot or cold environments.

At this point in the tour, veteran rope manufacturer Lone Star Rope General Manager Paul Sullivan further explained their unparalleled/ unequalled process that puts this operation ?head and shoulders? above their competition.

Mr. Sullivan and team have developed the ?Helix Rope? by taking a 4 strand rope and inserting a nylon strand in the core center creating a rope that has a more natural balance and making it even more tolerant to hot and cold temperatures. The patent is pending on this process and approval is anticipated by this innovative General Manager.

A roping event in Stephenville this year recorded a winning time of 3.4 seconds with the participant using the ?Helix Rope? and his God given talent. WOW and WOW!!!!

Roping Champion Coleman Proctor won a 6 figure pot using the ?Helix? in National competition ?..

Do Ya? think the demand is high for this rope????

This winning rope was donated back to Lone Star Ropes and is on showcase display at the facility.

Back on the tour the production process now moves the waxed ropes after a natural cooling process from the Wax Room into the Finishing Room.

The freshly waxed ropes are fully extended, stretched and the excess wax is removed by ?Big Steve? Estaban. Depending on customer or seasonal needs (April through September) anywhere between 500 and 800 ropes are made ready for shipment to LSR customers on a daily basis (8 hour shift).

Top of the line productivity is on display in every phase of this operation.

?Big Steve? hand ties each rope end and they are sorted by type ready for the final production phase before shipment to their customers.

The rawhide burner to reduce friction when the rope passes through the loop is uniformly ?hand-stitched? on each rope and the finished product is placed in rows by rope type.

Within 1 to 2 days ?Big Steve?s? 2 sons coil the finished / customer ready ropes and secure them with leather ties. Swift/ skilled handwork make this final part of the operation a very quick event.

4 to 5 ropes are placed in each shipping box and the customer number and purchase order are recorded on each outbound container ready for transport to retail.

After this very informative / impressive tour and discussion the LCED team and LSR management exchanged their appreciation of the days? outing and parted ways.

LCED team members representing local businesses, city, county, and community that attended were President Tommy Neyland, Buffalo Mayor Jerrod Jones, Clayton Loftin, Renee Carranza, Cody Carson, Chase Ezell, Jeff Gonzales, Cari Box, Pamela ONeal, John Stem, Diane Ryder, Jennifer McGill, Caleb Henson, Cassie Ferguson, Jennifer Humphries, Kyle Workman.

LSR associates and tour guides ? Chief Operating Officer Michael Dvorak, Production Manager Guy Alford, and General Manager Paul Sullivan.

Thank you Lone Star Ropes?Y?all are certainly an impressive Buffalo/ Leon County ?sky rocketing? business that is definitely ?lassoing? the market.