Family Owned for 45 Years

Buffalo Ace Hardware/ Robinson Small Engine

Jill, Glenn, Marshall, Miranda, Colbie age 7, Cori age 5 and Asher age 6

In 1975 Buffalo residents Stanley and Rosie Robinson opened their Western Auto Store on the west side of Hwy 75 in Buffalo across the road from today?s current location.

If you have ever had the privilege to meet these gentle/ fine folks it would be easy for you to understand why this business is still thriving.

In the early 1980?s they moved across the highway to todays current location of Robinson Small Engine shop and kept taking care of their customers and continued growing.

An event occurred in 1985 that would have devastated some other retailers that were not as courageous ?.fire destroyed part of the business.

Mr. Stanley and Ms. Rosie did not quit because they were committed partners to their customers and most importantly to each other. They not only rebuilt in the old location but bought locations south that had formerly been a butcher shop, dress shop, floral shop, the old Buffalo Press, and Buffalo?s only movie theatre.

The Robinson?s business grew and prospered taking care of their customers and they continued instilling their business mindset into their son, Glenn who took over the business in 2003 when Mr. Stanley and Ms. Rosie retired.

Note ? Mr. Stanley Robinson passed away last year 10/4/2018 and I am sure heaven willingly received him to run one of the Good Lord?s locations.

Glenn and Jill Robinson are the current owners that operate Buffalo Ace Hardware including the tire shop that is manned by Ruben Herrera. This skilled manager has been with the operation for over 10 years and is well known locally for his mechanical and outstanding customer service skills.

During the last Christmas season out of town Buffalo Basketball Tournament participants had tire and minor mechanical problems - Mr. Herrera handled and fixed their problems swiftly and professionally. Great image of Buffalo?..Nice Job Ruben.

Glenn and Jill?s son, Marshall runs the day to day operation now and has developed an impressive retail sales staff. At this point Marshall?s main focus is centered on developing the business on the small engine shop side with the very capable assistance of Challenger Bounds who has been on duty for over 8 years.

Marshall?s immediate goal is to shorten turnaround time on equipment repairs mainly due to a large volume of business. Experienced mechanic Ramon DeLira has been fixing lawnmowers and other small engine equipment for over 20 years. Look for improvement in this area in the near future.

Glenn and Marshall have tremendous confidence on the Ace Hardware side in Robert Moreland who manages the day to day business and provides excellent customer service.

Shop their store and you will certainly enjoy being taken to where the product is located by an extremely friendly group of salespeople.Hardware/ tire / small engine customers are properly taken care of when they enter the store until when they leave??refreshing?..

This accomplishment is made possible because Ace/ Robinson?s operation prides itself on hiring the right employees and retaining them ? the majority of their employees have been working in their stores for over 5 years.

The future looks very bright for this multi ? generation family owned business because plans will be implemented in the near future for expansion to become ?your complete hardware store and taking better care of our current and future customers.?

Marshall and fianc? Miranda King are heavily involved in these plans that will jointly impact both stores.

As they enter their 45th year of operation laced with enthusiasm and well earned, historic family pride the phrase ?getting better with time? accurately describes Buffalo?s own Ace Hardware and Robinson?s Small Engine Stores.

Take a trip to Buffalo, go to where Hwy?s 75 and 79 intersect, travel slightly north on 75, look for these stores, stop, and go in and shop...you will not be disappointed?