Body Found Near I-45

BODY FOUND -- Leon County Sheriff’s Department on the scene of gruesome discovery in Buffalo.

David Craig, nephew of the late Ray Craig, was walking an area of his property close to the cement plant on Craig Street near Interstate 45 when he came across a gruesome discovery. It was late in the afternoon of September 29th, when Craig came across a human skull.

?At first glance I thought it was an animal head,? said Craig. ?I have found deer heads on the place. But when I took a closer look, I could see it was a human skull.?

Craig, clearly still disturbed by the unexpected sight on his property that he frequently peruses for old tires, discarded metal pieces, and to remove Chinese Tallow trees, added, ?I was in this very location last December. I know the skull was not there then.?

After seeing the skull, Craig immediately called 911 to report it. ?The Buffalo police showed up in less than ten minutes, even though it seemed longer.? Later Craig learned that officers found a body about ten feet away from where he found the skull.

The Leon County Sheriff?s department kept a watch over the scene until authorities could investigate the site and try to identify the remains.

?I care about this person,? said Craig. ?I want to know what happened. And I hope his or her family will be able to find some peace about what ever has happened.?

According to the Leon County Sheriff?s department the body was of a man from the Dallas area.

The man possibly had dementia. A medical bracelet was found with the body. Unknown at this time, is how the man came to rest here in Buffalo or how long the body had been at this location.