Bison Grapple Gators Before Large Homecoming Crowd

PASS -- QB Brett Hoffman makes a pass in the Bison 52-6 win over Gateway.

Buffalo Homecoming Day started with breakfast for the Bison Football Team at Anthony?s Restaurant sponsored by Buffalo Tank ? a generous supporter of Leon County youth and Bison and Lady Bison academic and sports activities.

Buffalo 2013 graduate / football standout / Combat Action Army Solider Colton Henson spoke to the Team about some of his experiences and FBC pastor Alan Grisham led in prayer and visually and verbally admonished our guys to ? never give up on your goals? and ?impossible things can be achieved.?

The celebration day moved quickly and I received a phone call that additional sponsors were cooking burgers in the afternoon for Our Team.

As I arrived at the Field House the large pit was being fired up - Keith Dotson, Reggie Hays, Chris Hoffman, and Tyron Scott were getting ready to ?grill up? more good cookin? for Our Guys.

Business sponsors for this event were Remax/ Hays Real Estate and Workson Trucking ? we are extremely blessed to have multiple generous businesses and individuals in our community and County.

Moving over to the Gym to report on our Lady Bison volleyball team as they were getting ready to ?chain up ? the Lady Crockett Bulldog team in 3 straight sets I was pleased to witness the honoring of the 1960 Lady Bison State Championship volleyball team.

Amanda Skelton addressed the group and did an outstanding job of highlighting the championship teams? accomplishments and contributions.

Our Lady Bison volleyball players assisted in presenting gifts to three of the members of that team ? Linda Castles Cadle, Paulette Hawes Bing, and Betty Henson Reeder.

What an awesome presentation on Homecoming day to an awesome trio of Ladies ? 2 of which I know ?pretty well? and totally admire and the 3rd I was able to visit with after the program ?Linda Castles Cadle and husband Joe.

Wow??Buffalo Texas- you have produced intelligent, classy, and gracious individuals that have obviously made numerous positive impacts on the people they meet.

Heading back to Buffalo Stadium where FBC pastor Alan Grisham was ready to kick field goals for a good purpose and the Homecoming Crowd?s entertainment. Assisted by Buffalo AD/Head Coach Brandon Houston and kicker Francisco Saldana - Grisham attempted 2 field goals but did not ? split the uprights? on either attempt. Hey?..that is not his ?calling? butwhat is he does very well.

Ok it has been a vice nice celebration day, the Mighty Bison have been fed very well??.time to play football against the Dallas Gateway Gators

in the 7-3A Division 2 district opener.

One of the definitions of ?grapple? is ?to engage in a close fight without weapons; wrestle? that is one of the analyses of this contest.

In the 1st quarter the teams went back and forth during the period with little or no success until Senior Jamaul Randle took the ball away from a Gator player.

At midfield QB Brett Hoffman and the Bison offense set up shop and moved to the Gator 13yd line. Kicker Francisco Saldana booted the ball through the uprights for his first 3 points of 10 for the evening . At the 7:45 mark Buffalo 3 ? Dallas Gateway 0.

The lengthy 1st quarter continued with the defense making good plays highlighted by Asa Henson and Catch Thompson causing a Gator turnover on the Gateway 15 yd line.

QB Brett Hoffman scored his 1st of 3 touchdowns of the struggle with 3:26 remaining in the opening frame. The PAT was good - New Score Buffalo 10 ? Gateway 0.

Starting the 2nd quarter a Gator punt rolled to the Bison 5 yd line and seemed to fire up the offense.

Landon Folsom, Juan Vasquez, Dustin Morgan, and Abel Salazar blocked well, opened holes and Hoffman and Senior James Phillips drove the ball ?right down the field.?

After a quick pass to Senior receiver Randle set up the Bison at the Gator 6 yd line QB Hoffman bulled in the end zone with 7:43 remaining in the half. PAT good ? New Score Buffalo 17 ? Dallas Gateway 0.

The remainder of the 2nd quarter was sparked by the Mighty Bison defense showing their toughness and standup plays by Benito Avila, Asa Henson, and Catch Thompson.

With 3:02 remaining in the 2nd quarter the Bison took over on their own 48 yd line and drove to the Gator 8 yd line. Hoffman zipped a strike to Jamaul Randle on the next play and the Bison again lit the board. PAT Good Buffalo 24 ? Dallas Gateway

After a very athletic, twisting, turning, starting, stopping, sprinting punt return by Jamaul Randle to Gator 31 yd line - the quarter ended with an interception in the Gator end zone.

Score at Halftime ?..Buffalo 24 ? Dallas Gateway

After the Buffalo Homecoming celebration with the crowning of the 2019 queen, Kimberly _______ and king, Roberto Garcia the Bison team took the field ready to start the 2nd half.

Buffalo received the 2nd half kickoff to restart the action, more back and forth action occurred and after good defensive plays by John Vaughn and tough/ dependable Asa Henson the Bison took over at midfield.

After a nice , long reception by Kyle Harrison on the Gateway 2 yd line QB Hoffman aided by a strong offensive line push strode into the Gator end zone with his 3rd touchdown of the contest.

PAT Good ? New Score Buffalo 31 ? Dallas Gateway 0 with 2:47 remaining in the 3rd quarter.

Bison LB Erik Sandate made his return to the lineup felt in this contest with a strong defensive performance to close out the 3rd quarter.

The 4th quarter began with Gateway driving the ball to almost the Bison 16yd line before sophomore defensive standout Catch Thompson ?slammed the door shut? by intercepting the flat pass and racing the length of the field. ??.players and coaches looking around - No flags, no early whistles, no other problems noted.

84 yd pass interception and return for the score- oh yeah!!!!! With 9:50 remaining in the contest PAT good ? Buffalo 38 - Dallas Gateway 0.

After good defensive play by Sophomore KlaroMancilla the Gators had to punt but they got the ball back on the Bison 26 yd line after a fumble.

The Gators drove into the Bison end zone on a nice run by their back from the Bison 11 yd line for their only score of the evening ? PAT no good

With 7:06 remaining in the contest ? New Score Buffalo 38 ? Gateway 6.

After a couple more Bison miscues the defense took charge - Sophomore KoletonLatham and Hagen Helmcamp ? laid the wood? to Gator runners. Sophomore Reese Boyd recovered a Gateway fumble on the Gator 18 yd line. The Bison offensive line dominated/ controlled the line of scrimmage with strong surges by Landon Folsom, Dustin Morgan, Layne Freeman, and Abel Salazar.

Senior running back James Phillips finished his 102 yd rushing night with a 10 yd jog into the Gateway end zone. PAT good ? with 4:18 remaining Buffalo 45 ? Dallas Gateway 6.

Team Leader / intense offensive and defensive standout Jamaul Randle was not finished, his ?fire? was still burning, and he raced down the field torecover the bobble by the Gator player at the Gateway 14 yd line.

Young Catch Thompson took the offensive reins and rushed for 13 ? yds to the Gator ? yd line?? Thompson pushed into the Gateway end zone on the next play with 3:42 left in the game. PAT good ? Buffalo 52 ? Dallas Gateway 6.

The game ended with the Buffalo defense stopping and ?knocking down? the last minute Gator scoring attempts.

Benito Avila, Hagen Helmcamp, Brent Steele, KlaroMancilla, Koleton Latham and the rest of the Mighty Bison defense had ended the frustrating, disorganized evening for the Dallas Gateway Gators. Final Score Buffalo 52 ? Dallas Gateway 6.


Defensive Standouts:

Roberto Garcia, Benito Avila, Hagen Helmcamp, Eric Beshears, Brent Steele, Catch Thompson, John Vaughn, KlaroMancilla, Koleton Latham, Asa Henson, Juan Vasquez, Erik Sandate, Reese Boyd

Gateway ran 68 plays , had 11 1st downs, and generated only 168 yards of total offense.

Buffalo Bison Season Record 3 -1

Attention Bison Fans ??..Big Game Friday 10/4 @ Palmer Bulldogs 4-0