2020 Census Is Coming!

A preliminary meeting was held Thursday, September 12th, in Centerville, for the 2020 Complete Count Committee Training. Those at the meeting represent areas in the community such as the media, faith-base organizations, businesses, senior citizens, education, and others. The purpose is to get word out to everyone in the county of how important it is to be counted in the 2020 Census.

Leon County Judge Byron Ryder at the meeting said, ?It?s very important for the state and our county that we get as complete a count as we can. The population of our county is the basis for many of the grants we are entitled to receive.? These grants mean funds for county roads, senior citizens programs, and housing assistance among other areas.

The Census has been taken in America since the third year of the country?s birth. It is taken every ten years. The 2020 Census will be somewhat different because it is much shorter ? only 9 questions. And it can be filled out online. The form can be viewed at 2020census.gov.

Most people are expected to fill the Census out online, but the Census will also be mailed out to all residents and can be completed and returned by mail. After that, Census workers will canvas areas where response was not received and will visit from house to house to be sure every person is counted.

The Census is also the basis for deciding how many Congressional Seats a state will be allowed. Following the 2010 Census, Texas was able to add four more seats. Also, the 2010 Census meant that Texas received $59,000,000. per year to be divided among the counties according to the population.

Those interested in a full-time or part-time job with the Census can apply online at 2020census.gov/jobs.

Look for more Census information prior to the beginning of the count which will start in mid March of 2020. Census Day is April 1st. Everyone counts!