Buffalo Selects Engineer for Revitalization Project

The Buffalo City Council met for a Special Called Meeting, Tuesday, September 3rd, to select an Engineering Service Provider to complete the application and services for the 2019 Downtown Revitalization Project. After looking at bids, the council voted to award the project to BSP Engineering out of Waco.

All members of the council were present at the meeting, and Buffalo Mayor Jerrod Jones presided.

Thirty minutes prior to the start of the city council meeting, a Town Hall Meeting was held to give the public an opportunity to ask questions and offer input to the Revitalization Project. Sherry McKibben of GrantWorks began the Town Hall by explaining how funds from the grant, if awarded, can be used and for what the funds cannot be used.

Attending the Town Hall were Randall and Christy Hammond who own and operate the Old Towne Antiques on Commerce Street and will be effected by the grant. No other member of the public was present.

McKibben explained that Buffalo will receive, if the grant is awarded, $350,000 and will be required to match that amount with $70,000. This money can be spent only in the designated Buffalo historical area which are the properties along Commerce Street from Mickey?s Pizza to the First Baptist Church. Also included is the Lyon Hotel across the railroad track at Railroad Street and South Center Street.

The funds can not be used to alter the buildings, but can be used to improve and upgrade the sidewalks, lighting, replace old water lines, and other areas of infrastructure that can be deemed a ?slum or blight?. In other words, to make the area more attractive. 50% of the money must be used for ADA compliance. The plans include making the entire area accessible to the handicapped.

The city will learn if they have been awarded the Downtown Revitalization Grant in February or March of 2020. Once awarded, the city will have two years to complete the project.

In other city matters, the council voted to approve the Resolution Establishing a 28 Day Work Period for Law Enforcement Officers, effective August 26th, 2019. Also the city was awarded a Grant of $29,000 for a police computer program. The city has 60 to 90 days to implement the computer program.