Bison Defeat Westwood 41-21

GAINING YARDAGE -- Junior QB, Brett Hoffman, makes his way past a Westwood Panther on Friday night in the Bison 41-21 victory over the Panthers. Buffalo is now 1-1 on the season.

The Bison faithful fans streamed into Buffalo stadium anticipating a ?bounce back? outing in the home opener against the Westwood Panthers.

The Gold Out game that highlights the continued need for cancer research and a cure for this devastating killer of our loved ones young and old has become a well received, featured event in our community.

Bison Captains Jamaul Randle, Roberto Garcia, Brett Hoffman, and Dustin Morgan won the coin toss and wisely deferred reception until the 2nd half.

The 1st quarter was like young boxers sizing up their opponents.

Both teams used strategies, sparred, moved back and forth on the field, make several mistakes and had zero results. The penalty prone, tightly controlled referee environment produced no points on the board for either team. Score at the end of the 1st quarter ? Buffalo 0 Westwood 0.

Westwood opened the scoring in the 2nd quarter, struck twice and within the first 2 minutes had mounted a 14 ? 0 lead over our Bison. The score with 10:08 left in the 1st half Buffalo 0 Westwood 14.

Penalties again plagued the teams but the Bison finally hit pay dirt with the steady, firm leadership of quarterback Brett Hoffman. The Bison offensive line led by Dustin Morgan gave speedster James Phillips ?a crease? and he was gone on a nice 30 yard run into the Panther end zone. With 6:28 remaining in the 1st half it was now Buffalo 7 ? Westwood 14.

The Mighty Herd defense led by standout athletes Asa Henson, John Vaughn, Reese Boyd, Jordan Rogers, Hagan Helmcamp, and ? a bend but not break? secondary controlled the remainder of the 2nd quarter. Our Bison defense had eased into a ?shut down? Westwood mode and the half ended. Buffalo 7 Westwood 14.

The game changing 2nd half started with Freshman Kyle Harrison taking the kickoff and rapidly advancing the ball to mid field. Quarterback Brent Hoffman again took charge , tossed anice pass to Harrison, and James Phillips drove into the Westwood end zone with 9:20 left in the 3rd quarter. Buffalo 13 Westwood 14.

The Mighty Bison defense stopped the Westwood offense and Buffalo took over on their own 14 yard line. The next Bison offensive series resulted in a shocking change to Westwood?s night.

Bison speedster James Phillips with the superb blocking of the Buffalo offensive line took the hand off from Hoffman and bolted through the line. He looked like the ?Flash? having his own track meet with no one else competing as he crossed the Westwood goal line.

Holy smokes what speed??.

With 5:53 to go in the 3rd ?..Buffalo 20 Westwood 14

The Panthers were stunned but not quite finished. Asa Henson, Reese Boyd, John Vaughn and the rest of the stout Bison defense controlled the remainder of the 3rd quarter.

The score ?.Buffalo 20 Westwood 14 moving into the final quarter of ?Gold Out ?night.

Westwood had their final, fleeing ray of hope when they scored on a long sprint to the end zone by Rhodes to regain the lead with 11:14 remaining in the contest.

On the next Bison offensive series quarterback Brett Hoffman steadily moved his Bison team down the field. The drive was aided by a crucial 4th down completion to Roberto Garcia moving to the Westwood 12 yard line.

Hoffman showed his strength and pushed the Westwood defense on his way to their 5 yard line. James Phillips got the call and bulled his way into the end zone with 6:51 left in the 4th quarter for his 4th touchdown of this hard fought contest. Buffalo 26 Westwood 21

Westwood started their next offensive series on their own 35 yard line, moved the ball, but what happened next resulted in the ending to their football horror movie. The defense rushed the Westwood passer; he ?flung ?the ball in a futile attempt to reach his receiver, but Jamaul Randle had other plans. Randle intercepted the ?wounded duck? pass and raced to the Westwood end zone ?.shaking off the final Panther defender like a ?wet coat.? High Principal Corey Hickerson and I looked at each other and simultaneously stated?.? Game Over.? At 5:48 left in the 4th quarter Buffalo 34 Westwood 21.

The Bison defense spearheaded by Asa Henson and Eric Beshears took the reins and shutdown the Panther offense. Tough, Tough, casted Beshears intercepted a fleeting Panther pass and advanced the ball to the opponents 38 yard line.

The Bison offense took the field, Hoffman guiding the team, and guess who got the ball??James Phillips scored his 5th touchdown of the night and the Bison ?nailed the Westwood coffin shut?.

Buffalo 41 Westwood 21 with 2:45 Left.

The defense closed out the contest with defensive secondary standouts Villagomez and Brent Steele ?batting? Westwood passing attempts to the turf.

Good team production by both offense and defense was guided by outstanding motivation and coaching from Brandon Houston, Evan Stone, Roger Masters and staff.

The Buffalo Junior Varsity defeated Westwood 46-16 in Palestine on Thursday, 9/5 led by outstanding running and passing from quarterback Zane Johnson. Offensive standouts also included scoring plays by Angel Flores, Jacoby May, Jamaul Allen, and Joseph Guzman. Stout Freshmen Lane Freeman and Jacob McGill anchored the Bison line and the defense was solid with Joseph Guzman, Gale Ortiz, Jacoby May and Gavin Pruitt shutting down their opponents at crucial points in the contest. Game changing plays included a 70 yard fumble return for a touchdown by Gavin Pruitt and offensive touchdown production by Johnson, Jacoby May and Jamaul Allen.

Next up for Buffalo football teams ?tough opponent Groveton comes to Buffalo on Thursday 9/12 to take on our Junior High and Junior Varsity teams beginning at 5 PM

The Mighty Bison Varsity travel to Groveton on Friday 9/13 to take on a tough, ranked Indian team.

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