Flo Water Board Meets

Directors of the Flo Water Supply Corporation (FWSC) met Thursday, August 15th, for their regular monthly meeting. President Larry Buchanan presided. All directors were present except Mike Ashford.

Also present at the meeting were Hazel and Dale Gentry. Hazel has been the Secretary/Treasurer of the Flo Volunteer Fire Department (FVFD), and Dale had been one of the firemen. The Gentry?s were asked by FWSC to attend the meeting to give an update on Flo Volunteer Fire Department because water customers have been concerned about the donations they make, on a volunteer basis, to the Volunteer Fire Departments at Flo, Buffalo, and Oakwood.

?As of July 14th, 2019,? said Hazel, ?the FVFD closed. Part of the problem was that we lost members last year and no longer had enough persons available to attend calls for service.? Most of the assets from FVFD were donated to adjacent volunteer fire departments or were sold. The remaining funds will be used to pay off the loan for the FVFD building.

The first items on the agenda were to discuss the donations to the VFD at Buffalo, Flo, and Oakwood. The donations are made by FWSC customers on their water bills on a voluntary basis. According to FWSC Office Manager Caroline Salinas, the largest part of the donations each month go to FVFD. (Customers can chose between the Buffalo, Oakwood and Flo volunteer fire departments as to where to send their donations.)

The board voted to end collection of donations for the Flo VFD. But, the board voted to continue to collect the volunteer donations that are made each month for the Buffalo and Oakwood volunteer fire departments.

The board discussed a new logo for FWSC. Salinas suggested that they ask customers? for their ideas. ?We can have a contest for a new logo,? said Salinas, ?and the winner receive $100 off his water bill.? The board voted in favor of the suggestion.

The board again discussed the idea of purchasing a storage tank for fuel to locate at the office site. Having a place at the office to refuel FWSC vehicles would save numerous trips to town saving time and fuel. The item was tabled.

A discussion was held on the new policy, written by FWSC Attorney Trish Ferguson, regarding the use of the internet, cell phones, and computer usage by employees. Salinas stated that a policy for this has been in place and employees no longer have cell phones provided by FWSC. The board voted to not accept the new policy.

The board approved the new uniforms as described by Field Manager J.R. Higgins who said he looked at proposals from five uniform providers. The uniforms will be provided to four employees and will be cleaned weekly. The board approved a three year contract with the uniform provider.

The board voted to renew their policy to obtain three bids before purchasing a new vehicle.

Salinas reported that the office was running well. There were four new meters installed this month and five meters transferred to new customers.

Higgins reported that the new well was basically completed and waiting for the new motor. Higgins said he had ceased repair work on the Flo office building due to the overall poor condition of the building. Work is being held until the board can determine the best way to proceed.