Flo VFD Ends

Hazel and Dale Gentry, members of the Flo Volunteer Fire Department while it was in operation, attended a recent meeting of the Flo Water Board August 15th. The Gentry?s were present at the request of Flo Water to give an update on Flo VFD because of recent concerns from water customers that the VFD had closed.

The Gentry?s both stressed that they were not at the meeting as official spokespersons for the VFD, but there to answer the questions they could about the now defunct operation. ?The Flo VFD officially ceased operations on July 14th, 2019?, said Hazel who has served as Secretary/Treasurer of the volunteer fire department. Dale had been a fireman.

?Part of the problem for Flo VFD,? said Hazel, ?was that after we lost so many members in the last year, not enough active members could be available in case there was a call for service. Since the operation has ceased, we have disposed of all but one firetruck which will be put up for auction. One truck was transferred to the Oakwood VFD, and other equipment has been liquidated or is in the process of being liquidated.?

The Gentry?s said that the pay off amount for the building that housed FVFD (which was built a few years ago) has been determined and enough money is left in the FVFD account to pay off that debt. Attempts to get an appraiser to appraise the building in order to sell it, have failed.

The Gentry?s said that their desire would be to see the building go to Flo Water which is located beside the FVFD. ?But we are not speaking for the board,? said Hazel. ?There are five members still left in the department. The disposition of the building will have to be voted and approved by the entire department.?

Gentry thanked the Flo Water Board for their long, continued support of FVFD. Flo Water has, for years, collected volunteer donations through their water bills for Flo VFD, Buffalo VFD, and Oakwood VFD. According to Flo Manager Caroline Salinas, most of the donated monies collected each month have been directed to the Flo VFD.