Sittin' Under the Oak Tree 8-13-19

God is sooo Good! Don?t you just love it when you see His Hand upon your life, cares, needs, etc.? I know that I say this all of the time, but maybe, just maybe, that since I have gotten to that stage in my life that we often hear referred to as ?over the hill?, I am soo aware of God?s will for my life!

On the 26th of this month this ol? gal will have one-more-birthday!!! The numbers keep adding up, but I try to do at least one thing every day that will bless someone. (I try to keep from calling attention to the small act, whatever it is.)

Spectacular??? Nope, but when you see a Mom with a wee one by the hand and a tenney-tiny one in the other, a ?passy? or irreplaceable toy falls, I can remember what a calamity that was. Boy, can I remember that, raising five awesome sons. I have been sooo blessed; excited what God will do next! He is so Awesome and I am smart enough to know that without Him, I couldn?t tackle even one day. I love You, Lord!

Had four on the ?Boys? home over the weekend because they found out that we had some major yard cleaning, etc. that was long over-due. My ?Girls? help, too. They may be dragging limbs, raking the ?fall-out?, or handling meals in the kitchen, but this I KNOW! I am more than blessed; not every family has ?kids? that bend over backwards to take care of their ?Mom?.

I am certainly not the only Mom so ?most-blessed?, but I am so very thankful. God has been so good to me, and I will continually thank Him daily for the blessings that He sends my way. This I KNOW: You cannot out-give our God! Thankful? Absolutely!

See Ya, right here, next time!