Davis Country Store Celebrates 10th Anniversary Addition/ Expansion

Tom & Jean Davis

This week I am pleased to be able to report on a cornerstone operation known as Davis Country Store.

I have been privileged to know owners Tom and Jean Lee Davis the majority of my life and I am very fortunate to also be able to call them my friends.

This location started as Roberts Ag Lime in October 1973 and was operated by Betty and Bunk Roberts. Encouragement to start this feed and fertilizer business was bountiful throughout the community and I pleasantly recall that my Uncle Lester Danford was a major supporter of this new venture.

Tom Davis (4th Generation Leon County resident) was busy completing his education in Nacogdoches Texas at Stephen F. Austin University receiving a Bachelors Degree in Agriculture and Masters Degree in Secondary Education. Young Tom quickly returned to Buffalo and joined the Bunk Roberts feed / fertilizer business in May 1974.

Jean Lee Davis (4th Generation Leon County resident) also received her degrees from Stephen F. Austin majoring in Home Economics and minoring in Elementary Education. For the next 7 years she taught elementary students at Buffalo Elementary - just down the street from Roberts Ag Lime.

In 1975 Tom and Jean were able to buy in to Roberts Ag Lime and cast their true commitment into this business. They worked hard, paid their dues, and helped build a very successful Agriculture business.

Folks it is very obvious to me that these good people were able to benefit from all this effort and were able to buy the business outright in March 1989.

Tom with his agriculture knowledge has counseled patrons by recommending the proper use of Purina feed and minerals, herbicides, pesticides, grass improvement, weed control, and promoting proper animal health procedures. His calm, reassuring, straight forward demeanor is just what his customers want and need. Generations of customers in Leon and its 6 surrounding counties have used Tom?s counseling and advice and recommended it to others.

Jean?s role has been to oversee the financial side of operation making sure customers are treated properly, proper billing occurs, vendors are paid on time, and the assets are accounted for properly.

Tom and Jean have formed an awesome team and surrounded themselves with energetic, caring employees. For some of these employees it is their first job and their hours are flexible so that they can participate in their church, sports and school activities. They are trained and taught to properly take care of the customers and business. Several have worked during their high school years and returned during their college / trade school years and summers.

Amador Zuniga joined the Davis team in 1992 full time and works in the store, warehouse, and trucking operation. He is a true asset to the team and is very willing to do what is necessary to properly take care of business.

Tommy Davis, eldest son joined the operation in December 1995 and became Vice President and Manager of the Davis Centerville location. Tommy has paid attention to Tom and Jean?s hard work, ethics, teaching and management style while successfully running his operation in a very competitive environment. He has also become a large part of the community and supports its residents, schools, and teams (academic and sports) in a big way.

In 2000 Bobby Fishbeck joined the business and became Vice President and Manager of the Buffalo location. Bobby?s straight forward approach and coaching mentality is what the operation needed to solidify the team and move the operation forward.

Thanksgiving 2008 was the date when Tom and Jean brought a new and improved shopping experience to the Buffalo area. The store footage / location was expanded and products appealing to a wide range of customers in the agricultural and general merchandise areas were stocked. The Davis family had made a major financial and personal investment in this business for their customers.

They continued successfully operating their business for the next couple of years but felt they needed an additional spark to make the store excel to the next level.

Christie Davis Fishbeck, eldest daughter was just what DCS needed to reach that lofty goal. She joined the operation in 2011 and this skilled purchasing manager put her talents to work.

The retail clothing and general merchandise sections of the store exploded with top of the line selections for men, women, youth, and infants. Customers have been pleasantly pleased with these upscale selections and look forward to special events that highlight these items. DCS online program makes the shopping experience extremely customer friendly ? the total package.

This business is the true American dream that has shown the benefits of hard work, honesty, family values, and dedication to employees and community.

My story about the Davis family and Davis Country Store does not end here.

Grandson, Jacob Fishbeck joined the operation in February 2019 and the next generation is ready to keep the tradition going.

Wow?..come join the 10 year celebration of the Davis Country Store Expansion this Friday, August 9th and Saturday, August 10th. Tom will be cooking and prizes and promotions will be happening??Don?t miss this fun time celebration?..