“Fruits of Our Labor”

ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE -- English as a Second Language class with instructor Maggie Reeder and guest Brooke Trahan.

Maggie Reeder, who instructs students in English as a Second Language, recently invited one of her ex-students to speak to her class on the value of knowing a second language. Brooke Trahan was warmly welcomed into the class where she shared some of her experiences in learning a new language and answered students? questions.

?This is one of those occasions,? said Reeder, speaking about Brooke, ?that I get to see the ?fruit of our labor? as a teacher. Brooke was one of my students who excelled in the classroom, and then went on to do many interesting things, and is willing to come back and help me help my students today.?

Brooke graduated Buffalo High School in 2010, then attended Texas A&M University and graduated in 2014. Almost immediately after that, Brooke traveled to Paris, France, found employment there as an instructor, and lived in Paris for the next four years. Today, Brooke instructs Chinese students who are learning English online.

Brooke explained how she knew little French when she arrived in Paris, and even though she could usually find someone to interpret for her, she soon realized she would have to learn the language to truly interact. ?When I got to the point that I could communicate, I felt so much more confident and braver. I learned that others don?t care if you are not perfect at speaking the new language yet. It?s okay to make mistakes, just keep trying.?

Maggie Reeder retired from a long career as a Spanish/English teacher at the Buffalo High School in 2010. Today, she works under Blinn College of Bryan to teach English as a Second Language to adult speakers. The class meets twice a week for three hour sessions at the Catholic Church in Buffalo.

Reeder is serving an important need in our community to help people who are trying to adapt into a life among English speakers. It is easy to see that the students appreciate Reeder?s help and guidance as they learn English as their second language.