City Council Tackles Agenda

Members of the Buffalo City Council met Monday, July 23rd, for their regular monthly meeting. Prior to the meeting, the council met for a work shop on the 2019-2020 Budget and the Wastewater Treatment Plant Land. All members were present. Buffalo Mayor Jerrod Jones presided.

Dr. Russell Jonas addressed the council on behalf of the Citizens Advisory Committee which assisted the Texas Target Program of Texas A&M develop a long term plan of growth for the city of Buffalo. Jonas gave a brief history of the development of the plan and encouraged each member of the council to refer to the plan as they make decisions for the future of Buffalo.

?There is no doubt,? said Jonas, ?that the money the city spent to develop this plan, and the effort put into it, was well worth it, if it is used.? City council members expressed their thanks to the advisory committee.

Much of the council meeting was used in discussing the Wastewater Treatment Plant needs in Buffalo. Engineer John Rusk was present to offer his assessment and answer questions. The topic was also on the closed session agenda.

The council approved the Renewal Agreement for purchase and Sale of Water with the Rodell Water System for another year. A portion of the Rodell Water Supply is in the process of being acquired by the Flo Community Water System.

Approval was voted to add cross walks and a three way stop at the Upper Junior High School Campus at Davis Street to make a safer entrance to and exit from the campus for the many school children who walk to and from school each school day.

The council voted to adopt a Work Period for Law Enforcement employees that will avoid or reduce overtime pay.

An agenda item to consider a Police Department Pay Policy was tabled.

Approval was given for a fifty cent increase in the city portion of the garbage rate. This increase will not effect the cost of the service to the customer because the new garbage collection service has a slightly lower rate that the old service. In general, the transition to the new collection service has not been smooth, but most of the early problems have been addressed.

A Road Use Agreement for the roads in the city limits was approved. Some roads in the city have suffered damage from heavy trucks performing work in the area.

The council voted to renew the ordinance to use the Local Sales and Use Tax of ? of 1% for Street Maintenance in the city of Buffalo.

Buffalo Police Chief Lance Pavelka presented the monthly report from his department. There were 87 citations issued and approximately 90 calls for service including one DWI, two Burglaries of a Motor Vehicle, one Criminal Trespass, and one Assault Family Violence.

Pavelka reported an increase of traffic accidents especially around and near construction sites. Asked if the police allow ?ride a longs? with officers, Pavelka said that he welcomed members of the public to ride a long and see how officers interact with the community.

Rondal Mullenax resigned from his position as Municipal Judge after 15 years in office.

Following a lengthy closed session meeting, the council voted to proceed with work on the Wastewater Treatment Plant. The work will be on an hourly basis with John Rusk of GLS.