2020 Census Is Coming!

At the Commissioners Court meeting held Monday, July 8th, Emergency Manager Jim Carrington reported on the start of the United States 2020 Census Count. All four Leon County Commissioners were present. Leon County Judge Byron Ryder presided.

The 2020 Census Count will start in March of 2020. The Census is taken every ten years in every county in the country. It is important in obtaining information for realigning Congressional districts. It is also used to locate places to put public service facilities like roads and post offices and libraries.

In late March 2020, citizens will be mailed a self-response Census Survey. Persons can respond to these over the internet, by mail, or by telephone. Census takers will not call anyone to fill out the surveys; they are self-response, but a person can call a census taker if they need help or have questions and can give the information over the phone.

Persons interested in working for the Census can apply online at www.2020Census.gov. There are part time jobs and full time positions available. The part time position pays $15 an hour and includes the door to door collection of information from persons who did not self-respond.

Judge Ryder said, ?It is important for us to get as accurate a count as possible. It?s important to let the citizens know that the Census surveys are coming our next year.?

No action was taken on the agenda item concerning Leon County?s cost for advertising the 2020 Census. It is estimated it will cost the county $1,800, but more time was needed to research the cost for the last Census taken ten years ago.

Senior Nutrition Director Donna Danford made a request to apply for the United Way/EFSA Grant. This is a grant that the county has received for six years which reimburses the county for food bought in an earlier year for home bound citizens. Approval was granted.

The list of county bonds for County Officials and Supervisors was approved.

A Road Use Agreement for County Road 223 in Precinct 2 was approved.

Approval was voted for the resolutions for Homeland Security Criminal Justice Grants.

The Memorandum of Agreement for the Health Resource and Services Administration Evidence-Bases Tele-Behavioral Health Network Program was approved.

The agreement between the Leon County Clerk?s office and Pitney Bowes was tabled. The cost of the agreement was less than in prior years but the terms of the agreement were not clear. Time will be needed to contact for clarity.

Changes in the Personnel Policy were approved in regard to ones concerning pay periods and time sheets and also county owed computers. Changes for travel-meal expenses died for lack of a second motion.

The amended Order for Disbursement of Salaries and Routine Office Expenses was approved.

The court approved the transfer of balances of donated funds for Veterans Programs to Family and Friends of Steel. The funds are to be used for the next Veterans? Appreciation Day Activities.

Commissioner David Ferguson requested bids for a lean-to style shed to be added at the Expo Center. The court discussed the 4th of July Rodeo that was held at the Expo over a five day period. ?This event is growing each year,? said Ryder. ?It?s bringing people in who are using our hotels and restaurants, buying gas and making other purchases. It all gives a boost to the local economy plus supports the youth.?

The court approved the donations of $957 to the Senior Nutrition Center.

Commissioners approved the sell of a 2006 International truck, a 2010 Mack truck, and a 2007 John Deere Backhoe all with engine or transmission problems.

The court approved the purchase of a new patrol vehicle. Recently a patrol vehicle was totaled in an accident. Also approved was the purchase by Precinct 2 of a John Deere Tractor with boom cutter from Brushcutter that belongs to Precinct 2 and 3 at a cost of $11,000.

Approval was given for a Bid Status for 2019-208 Solid Waste Disposal. Commissioner Joey Sullivan brought up the need for the court to decide what was the best course for solid waste disposal in the county. ?We need to start now to plan for next year,? said Sullivan. This is a topic that has been discussed in the past but has never found a resolution.