Flo Water Meets

Directors for the Flo Water Supply Corporation (FWSC) met Thursday, June 20th, for their regular monthly meeting. The meeting was held at the Buffalo Housing Authority. All directors were present. President Larry Buchanan presided.

The board welcomed Jerry (JR) Higgins? return to FWSC as the new Field Manager. This is the second time Higgins has served as the FWSC Field Manager. Higgins said he was glad to be back and anxious to get reacquainted with all the county roads that make up the FWSC area.

Most of the meeting concerned the update on the progress of the new well, Water Well #6. Stan Hayes, the engineer, explained recent work and the problems. Hayes said the project will require a change order. Directors voted in favor of the change order.

The board discussed the need for a new truck and agreed upon collecting bids for a XL 150 up to $35,000.

An older issue, the need for an ADA restroom at the office, was again on the agenda. Buchanan stated that this project needs to be completed to stay in compliance. It was agreed that Higgins and other field employees would work on finishing the restroom as time allowed. This was approved with Director Harry Beckwith adding the stipulation that the project be reaccessed after 60 days.

The topic of adopting a new policy for internet, cell phone, and computer usage was again tabled.

Director Josh Mudd reported on his collection of a bid for new employee uniforms with company logo and prices. This item was tabled at the suggestion of Higgins?.

Office Manager Caroline Salinas reported that the office was running well. There were 4 meters re-serviced last month, 6 transfers of meters and 350 work orders. ?We are trying to keep everything under budget,? said Salinas.

Fiscal Consultant Trish Fritsche reported that FWSC?s cash on hand was increasing though she cautioned conservative spending was still needed. ?We are moving forward on the audit,? said Fritsche.