BISD Holds Special Meeting

Tim Ezell is sworn in by Cindy Jones.

The BISD School Board held a special meeting on Friday, June 28th. President Jack Helmcamp called the meeting to order at 6 pm.

Superintendent Lacy Freeman and Board Members Randy Ayres, Bobby Fishbeck, Cole McVeay, and John Rodell were present and a meeting quorum was established.

Board Members Bradley Ezell and Monty McGill were not in attendance.

Superintendent Freeman updated the group on the Legislative Maintenance and Surplus Usage 2009 decision that is still valid and still in force. Unused District Budget monies can be used to retire construction debt.

Additional update from Mr. Freeman included policy in the area of accepting relocation/ transfer of students into the district. The board unanimously approved the new proposed district policy that can revoke and return a student to the original district based on improper behavior and subpar academic performance. The student and parent will receive multiple warnings and counseling before the revocation occurs. If improvement does not occur in a reasonable timeframe the revocation will be enforced and the student will be returned to the original district.

The board adjourned the regular meeting at 6:05 pm and entered into a closed session.

The board returned from the closed meeting and entered back into the regular meeting at 7:14 pm. No additional action occurred and no decisions were announced.

The effective immediately resignation of board member Monty McGill was accepted. Mr. McGill was thanked for his years of service to the district.

Tim Ezell was appointed to fill the board vacancy and Cindy Jones swore him into the position.

New teacher hires for the 2019-2020 school year were nominated, approved, and announced.

Tonya Barrintine ? Teacher, Aaron Bell ? Teacher / Coach, Stacy Gaskin ? Nurse, Cynthia Robinson ? Teacher, Taylor Russell ? Teacher / Coach

A Special Called meeting is scheduled for next Tuesday at 12 Noon. The meeting was adjourned by Jack Helmcamp at 7:19 pm