BISD Prepares for ‘19 –‘20

With just the minimum numbers of school board trustees present to make a quorum, BISD held its regular meeting of the month on June 17th. Trustees present were Bradley Ezell, John Rodell, Monty McGill, and President Jack Helmcamp who presided. Trustees not in attendance were Bobby Fishbeck, Cole McVeay, and Randy Ayers.

Following a 45 minutes closed session, the board returned to a public format and voted to accept the resignations of Henry Goff, Oliva Grubbs, Mandy Mizell, and Jana Carr. BISD Superintendent Lacy Freeman expressed appreciation for each of the individual?s work at the school district and wished them well in their future plans.

The board voted their approval to hire Tonya Downard, Rebecca Henson, Mackenzie Henitze, and Susan Irons. Also approved was the increase in the employee compensation plan known as STEP as discussed in the closed session.

Freeman reported on the construction and repairs taking place at each campus for the summer to be ready for the upcoming school year. Air conditioning is being repaired or replaced. Ceiling tiles at the upper junior high building are being replaced. The old ISS building is being dismantled and removed.

Another large project for the summer is repairs needed at the high school parking lot. Freeman presented two bids for the project. Board members voted for the least costly bid which was T & S at a price of $58,140. The parking lot is to be double sealed and repainted.

Freeman reported that there are 90 students enrolled in summer school in total, most are at the elementary. The summer school is four days a week.

The school earned $1,970 in renting out its facilities to other schools for games and tournaments.

Board members were given a brief overview by Freeman of the financial changes that schools will face as result of this year?s legislative policies. Testing will also see some changes.

The board voted approval to renew the annual contract with Ample of Huntville. Ample does much of the technology work on the computer systems on all the BISD campuses.

The audit services of Smith and Lambright was approved for another year. And the worker?s compensation services was awarded to Claim Administration Services for a five year option.

The board approved the list of transfer students for 2019-2020. Approximately 40 students, who live outside the district, were approved to enroll at Buffalo.

The board approved the recommendation to award the Bill Swetmon scholarship to Kathryn Rodriquez who is a 5th grade teacher in Buffalo. The scholarship is designated to aid a person working on a Master?s Program. Rodriquez is currently enrolled in a Master?s Program and Texas A&M.