Commissioners Court Meets

LC COMMISSIONERS -- Leon County Commissioners: David Ferguson, Joey Sullivan, Dean Stanford, and David Grimes attend county concerns at their first regular meeting of the month.

Leon County Commissioners met Monday, June 10th, for their first regular meeting of the month. Commissioner Joey Sullivan presided in the absence of Leon County Judge Byron Ryder who is attending a National Association of Regional Council meeting in Omaha.

The Road Use Agreement for Leon County Precincts from ONEOK Arbuckle Pipeline, Inc. was approved.

The Agreement on Home Delivery Meal and Congregate Meal was approved.

A grant for the Texas Commission on Jail Standards Telehealth was approved.

Sullivan announced that a preliminary budget will be presented to the court at the regular meeting scheduled for July 8th. ?It?s that time again,? said Sullivan, ?that we work on the next budget plan.?

Approval was given for the Tax Assessor Collector to calculate the effective and rollback tax rates for the tax year 2019.

The Order for Disbursement of Salaries was approved.

Spokesperson Elizabeth Grindstaff, representing the Texas Central High Speed Rail Project reported in the public comments section of the meeting. According to Grindstaff, the project is progressing on schedule and construction should start early next year. Grindstaff said that representatives of Texas Central were anxious to meet with the commissioners to reveal more details concerning safety and security plans for the rail system.

Commissioners listened to the report silently. Sullivan asked if anyone had questions or comments for Grindstaff concerning this controversial project that has been challenged in several court cases. There were no comments or questions, and Sullivan thanked Grindstaff for attending court.