There’s a New Vet in Town: Meet Dr. Pamela May

NEW VET IN TOWN -- Dr. Pamela May begins her career as a Veterinarian at the Buffalo Animal Hospital.

Dr. Pamela May recently joined the team of veterinarians at the Buffalo Animal Hospital. Pamela graduated from Texas A&M after completing her studies in Veterinary Medicine only a few weeks ago in May 2019. She started work here almost immediately, but she is not a stranger to Buffalo. Pamela worked with Dr. Russell Jonas and Dr. Tanner Self at the Buffalo Animal Hospital in October of 2018 when she was completing her internship.

Pamela, who is originally from Brownsville in the southern most tip of Texas, said of her move to Buffalo, ?I really like the feel of a small town. I like the people, the area, even the climate. And in smaller communities, it is easier to get to know people.?

Asked if she always knew she wanted to be a veterinarian, Pamela said that she knew from an early age that that is what she wanted to do. ?When I was younger, I thought I would like to be a veterinarian at Sea World. But, later, I figured out that I needed to do something more practical, and I discovered that I really like cattle.?

Pamela, after growing up in Brownsville and graduating from high school in 2010, came directly to College Station to attend A&M. Though it must have been a significant change, Pamela said it was easy for her to adjust. She knew what she wanted to do and where she wanted to go to school.

Pamela started her college work in December of 2010 and earned her Bachelor of Science in Biology in December of 2013. In 2015, she started the Veterinarian program at A&M and graduated in May of 2019 ? just weeks before starting her career at the Buffalo Animal Hospital.

Asked about hobbies, Pamela named a few, and said her three miniature Schnauzers are her ?pride and joy? and take a considerable amount of her time. ?They are spoiled rotten, and they were with me at every step through medical school and were even my practice dummies when I needed them to be.? Also, in her free time, Pamela likes to workout and is currently enjoying kick-boxing.

Pamela said when she was growing up in Brownsville, she liked to scuba dive. ?It?s different here, not having a beach and water close by, but I also like fishing and hunting and there are opportunities for that here.? Pamela said it was her father, Rick May, who taught her to enjoy hunting and especially fishing, his favorite.

Pamela is also bilingual, speaking fluent Spanish. ?I grew up speaking Spanish because my mother spoke it, but I learned English at the same time. I have really found it to be helpful to be able to speak both languages.?

Pamela lives in Buffalo with her father and with her three Schnauzers. Pamela?s mother, Georgiana Martinez lives in Brownsville. Buffalo welcomes Dr. Pamela May!