Visitor Compliments Leon County

At the May 29th meeting of the Leon County Commissioners Court, Judge Byron Ryder recognized a visitor to the court. Sharon Evans spoke and said that she was very happy to be present to see the Commissioners Court in operation and glad to be in the process of moving to the Leon County. ?This is the most welcoming place I have ever been,? said Evans.

Evans is currently living in Magnolia, but said she has lived all over the world. ?I am originally from Texas, and I am looking forward to small town living.?

Emergency Management Director Jim Carrigan informed the court that his office is currently updating and editing the county mapping system. Carrigan said that it is an extensive project and requested that his office be able to close to the public for Monday afternoons until he can complete the mapping project. The court voted to approve the request. The Emergency Management office will be open Monday mornings but closed during the afternoon hours.

Carrigan also reported that funds were available from the Small Business Association for loans to small businesses that suffered damage during the wind storms in April. Applications for up to $20,000 can be obtained at the First United Church of Franklin. The loans have low interest rates and can be used to pay deductibles.

Contractor Johnny Wilson was in court with the final plat for the Lake Estates to be built on Lake Limestone. The court approved the plats.

A request for a Road Use Agreement with ONEOK Arbuckle was tabled. Commissioner Joey Sullivan said that it would be necessary to have a map of all the roads that ONEOK plan to use. The representative from ONEOK said she had only a small map. An agreement was made to hold a conference with the ONEOK representative and Commissioner Sullivan and Commissioner David Grimes to determine which county roads would be involved.

An Order authorizing Fourth of July Firework Sales (June 24th ? Midnight July 4th) was approved for Leon County.

The court approved the reappointment of the following persons to the BVCOG Criminal Justice Advisory Committee: Kevin Ellis, Tonya Foster, Peggy Ivy, Cassandra Noey, Lance Pavelka, and Carmen Thomas. Also approved was the appointment of Denise Winn to the same committee.

Approval was given to replace Mayor Royce Dawkins with newly elected Buffalo Mayor Jerrod Jones to various committees at BVCOG as needed.

The renewal of the Interlocal Lease Agreement between Leon County and BVCOG was approved. The county is paid $500 a month under this agreement.

The Interlocal Agreement between Leon County and the City of Centerville dealing with SO 2 Tower was approved.

The court approved an agreement for assessment and collection of taxes between the County of Leon and the Buffalo ISD School District. Long time BISD Tax Collector/Assessor Carolyn Ballard is retiring from that position.

Approval was given on the request for a letter from the County of Leon supporting the security at Leon ISD.

The auditing office of Belt Harris Pechacek for the audit of Leon County for the year ending in 2019 was approved.

The court voted to approve the Homeland Security Grant to change the radio model from Kenwood Nx-5700-Bk mobile radios to Motorola APX8500 mobile radios. Grant funds of $37,855 will be used for this change in mobile radios.

Approval was given for several changes in personnel policy including changes to Jury Duty Leave, Funeral Leave, Smoking and Tobacco Use, Compensation, and Travel.

Approval was given for selling the following used vehicles: the 2009 Dodge Charger used by the Juvenile Department, and the 2005 Chevy Ventura used by the Meals on Wheels program.

Approval was voted for the renewal of the Idemia Identity and Security maintenance agreement for the Sheriff?s Office. This is the fingerprinting and recording system.

And, approval was given on the Pitney Bowes lease for the Tax Office.

Judge Ryder commented that this year had not been a successful year in the Texas Legislature. ?There were 13 bills, but none were passed. There was nothing done for the state?s rural residents.?