Higgins Returns to Flo Water

Directors of the Flo Water Supply Corporation met, Thursday, May 16th, for their regular monthly meeting. All directors were present. President Larry Buchanan presided.

The first item on the agenda to discuss was the status of the proposed Field Manager Jerry Higgins. Buchanan reported that Higgins has accepted the offer and was prepared to start work with Flo Water on June 3rd.

Higgins is a former Field Manager with Flo who left that position on good terms with the company a few years ago. Office Manager Caroline Salinas reported that field employees who had worked with Higgins in the past were glad to hear that he was returning.

The topic of adopting a new policy for internet, cell phone, and computer usage was tabled.

Vice President Josh Mudd reported that the employees are holding monthly safety meetings for 30 minutes to an hour.

A discussion was again on the agenda for purchasing new uniforms for field workers. Salinas said that Flo Water would pay $200 for the first uniforms for each employee. The item was tabled until next month when prices from companies can be obtained.

The board again discussed the topic of the purchase of a new truck. Some members favor a half ton pick up while others believe a ? ton truck is needed to be be able to pull the backhoe and the excavator. The item was tabled until further information and prices can be collected.

Attorney Trish McCoy reported that the Rodell project was near being finalized.

The board looked at two proposals from auditors to perform the yearly audit. Director Harry Beckwith said that more information was needed concerning the auditor?s rates. The board voted in favor of hiring Auditor Dora Jean Depon of Gatesville to perform the yearly audit for the next three years for $10,000 to $12,000.

Approval was voted for the loan from Cobank at an interest rate of 4.9% for the construction of the new well.

Directors again discussed moving the location for their monthly meetings back to Buffalo rather than having them in Centerville. A vote revealed two members in favor of returning to Buffalo and four members not voting because they said they were indifferent as to where the meeting was held. Buchanan ruled that the board would return to having meetings in Buffalo with the stipulation that a place could be found that does not charge to use their facilities.

The board looked at requests from two Flo property owners that asked for relief from large water bills due to damage done during recent storms. Directors voted to adhere to the board policy to forgive one third of the bill and allow the property owners to pay out the charges over a period of months.

Flo Water Board meets on the third Thursday of the month at 3pm.