City Council Meets

Mayor Jerrod Jones presides at council meeting.

The Buffalo Mayor Jerrod Jones presided over the Buffalo City Council for the first time since being elected. Current Council Members, Martin Housler, Dianne Ryder, Jerry Salazar, and Glenn Hightower were all present for their regular monthly meeting.

The council considered appointees to fill the position on the council left opened after Jones became mayor. Ryder recommended former Council Member Travis Crowder for the position stating that Crowder was willing to fill the remainder of Jones? term. Hightower said that former Mayor Royce Dawkins and also former Council Member Mike Glick had both agreed to serve.

Ryder nominated Crowder to fill the position. All voted in favor except Hightower who voted in opposition. The motion passed.

Following a one hour closed session meeting, the council returned to the open meeting and a motion was made by Hightower to hire Robert Stanford as a police officer. Stanford will start work with the Buffalo Police Department under close supervision of Chief Lance Pavelka and with a FTO (field trained officer.)

Approval was voted for the contract with Republic Services for trash collection. Republic Services will begin services on July 1st.

The council approved the Resolution Authorizing Submission of the 2019 Fire, Ambulance & Service Truck (FAST) Fund for the City of Buffalo. If awarded, this will allow the city to purchase a new fire truck and free the older fire truck currently in use to be moved to the Weedon area. BVFD Chief Shane Reeder was present at the meeting and was in favor of this submission for the fund.

The council voted to accept the Denial Resolution regarding Oncor Electric Delivery Application for Cost Recovery Factor to Increase Distribution Rates within the City.

The council approved the post event report from the Bison Baseball Support Group for their July 2018 Tournament. The council also approved allowing $13,200 from the Hotel Tax Fund to the same group for their July 2019 Tournament.

The post event report from the Bison Varsity Boys Basketball Tournament held in December was approved.

Approval was given for $1,500 to the Family and Friends of Steel Charitable Fund for the May Sizzlin BBQ Cookoff and Concert held at the Leon County Expo. The two day event drew a large crowd and hotel rooms were occupied by persons from out of town. The group uses the proceeds made at this fund raiser for charitable donations within the community.

Approval was voted for replacing Royce Dawkins with Jerrod Jones as mayor on the Brazos Valley Council of Governments.

Buffalo Chief of Police Lance Pavelka gave the report from his department. In the last month there were 73 citations issued. There were 100 calls for service including 1 Driving While Intoxicated, 3 Burglaries, 1 Possession of a Controlled Substance, 1 Theft of a Firearm, 1 Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle, 1 Assault, 1 Forgery Counterfeiting, and 1 Hit and Run Accident.

Pavelka again cautioned the public to be aware of the numerous phone scams. ?I get reports all the time,? said Pavelka. ?Many of the scams are calling from foreign countries. Do not return any calls that are foreign numbers.?

In council comments, Dianne Ryder invited council members to attend the Buffalo Economic Development Corporation?s Annual Meeting that will be held in the new City Hall / Civic Center at 5:30 pm on June 12th. ?It is hoped,? said Ryder, ?that we will be able to introduce our new BEDC Executive Director at that meeting.?

Martin Housler said that he would like to see the council hold a workshop to establish a policy on street repairs in the city. And also to begin use of the growth designed for Buffalo from the Texas A&M Target Team.