Council Member Farmer Resigns

Members of the Buffalo City Council met for a special called meeting, Monday, May 13th. All were present except Council Member Dorothy Farmer and Mayor Royce Dawkins. Mayor Pro-tem Glenn Hightower presided.

Hightower read aloud the letter of resignation that Farmer presented to the mayor last week. Farmer said that while she was happy that she had been able to serve the city by being a council member for twenty-four years, health concerns had led her to decide to resign. The resignation of Farmer was approved by the council.

Farmer?s resignation created a second vacancy on the council. Council Member Jerrod Jones? recent election to the position of mayor created the first vacancy on the council. While the council can operate until the next election in November with one vacancy, two vacancies requires an appointment of an individual to serve until the next election.

Hightower opened the floor up to nominations for the council position. Council Member Dianne Ryder nominated former Council Member Martin Housler to fill the vacancy created by Farmer?s resignation. Council Member Jerry Salazar seconded the nomination, and all voted in favor. Housler, who was present for the meeting, accepted the position.

Ryder, in nominating Housler, mentioned Housler?s previous, recent service on the council, and also that at the last election, he had been defeated for a council seat by one vote. In that election, Farmer had defeated Housler by a single vote.

Council Members all expressed gratitude for the leadership and long service of both Mayor Dawkins and Farmer. ?Their wisdom and experience will be missed,? said Hightower.

Following the meeting, Jerrod Jones was sworn in as Mayor of Buffalo, and Dianne Ryder was sworn in for her new term on the council. Housler was also sworn into office. Later this week, Council Member Jerry Salazar will be sworn in for his new term on the council.