Sittin' Under the Oak Tree 5-21-19

Prayers of Thanksgiving continue! Everyone has heard of the planes crashing into each other and into the ocean in Alaska! My kids, Eddie (Dino) and Rose Ann are there, and I am praising God that they are safe. God DOES hear and answer prayers. I believe in ‘sending the WORD ahead of every situation’, so had prayed for them daily BEFORE they left.

My kids believe in the power of prayer, and I am thankful that they call and say “pray, Mom, we’re going, etc”. Do I mind taking the time to pray? Not for a second!

There are two planes; one holds ten passengers, the other holds three. My kids were on the ten passenger one, the prior trip!!!( The one that went into the ocean.) I had talked to them and prayed over them, and God so blessed my family.

My kids believe that if Mom prays, the world is a safe place and they aren’t gonnaworry. Guess what! The very next day, they went up in another helicopter on some ‘jaunt’ that Dino wasn’t going to miss. Mom prayed, and they were off! Did I want to snatch him thru that phone line and say “What are you thinking?”, Yes, but I didn’t. I left them in God’s hands and remind Him hourly that He has my kids in His Precious Hands!

“Father God, You are Awesome in ALL Your ways! Please continue to watch over my kids; You never cease to amaze me, Lord! You continually bless me! Keep Your precious Hand upon my family, and know that I will praise Your Name all of my days. Amen.”