New Board Members For Flo Water Board

Flo Water Supply Corporation (FWSC) held their annual Members Meeting April 20th at the Cowboy Church just east of Centerville. About 20 members attended along with all the current board of directors. Also present were Office Manager Caroline Salinas, Attorney Trish Ferguson, and Fiscal Consultant Trish Fritsche.

The three directors whose term had expired and were not running again for their positions were Mike Meade, Mike Wheeler, and Phillip Bounds. No one signed up to run for the open positions, so, following FWSC policy, the board elected to appoint persons to fill the positions until the next election is held.

The three new directors on-board at FWSC now are Bob Mathews, Michael Ashford, and Harry Beckwith, III. Other directors still serving are Doris Pittman, Joe Graves, Buck Buchanan, and Josh Mudd.

An election among the directors was held to select officers. Chosen were Buck Buchanan as President, Josh Mudd as Vice President, Doris Pittman as Treasurer, and Harry Beckwith, III as Secretary.

The board voted to hire former FWSC Field Manager Mark Collins as needed until a full time Field Manager can be hired.

Jerry Higgins, who is also a former FWSC Field Manager, was hired to serve again as Field Manager but is not able to take the position for a couple of months.

In other business matters, it was reported by Ferguson that, despite the board?s opposition, the State of Texas did approve the unemployment benefits for former Office Manager Lela Patterson.

It was also reported that acquisition of the Rodell meters is still a ?work in progress?. And it may be another 6 weeks before the loan is approved by co-bank for Water Well #6.

Fritsche reported that while the current FWSC budget is doing well, it will not be able to meet the future cost expenditures expected with drilling the new well without significant budget cuts and budget monitoring.

An agenda item presented by Mudd concerning uniforms for field workers was tabled until more information can be gathered. This item was also tabled in March for further information.

Another agenda item presented by Mudd concerning field workers use of cell phones was tabled until a cell phone policy can be established.

A lunch from Rancho Viejo was provided for all in attendance. And after lunch several doors prizes were awarded. The door prizes were donated by the following: Randy Shelton, G Force Solutions, Ace Hardware, Heart & Home, Davis Country Store, Rancho Viejo, Woodsons, Pruitt Cleaners, Creative Cuts, Lynch Supplies, and Flo Water.