City Approves Purchase Of Light Poles for Park

Buffalo City Council Members and Mayor Royce Dawkins met Monday, April 22nd, for their regular monthly meeting. Members present were Jerrod Jones, Dianne Ryder and Glenn Hightower. Not present were Council Members Dorothy Farmer and Jerry Salazar.

The first item on the agenda was presented by Tim Ezell who asked the council to consider the purchase of 19 used light poles to be able to upgrade the lights at the ball fields in Harriman Park. The cost for the 19 poles, including delivery, would be $26,600.

Ezell said he had located the light poles at Wholesale Electric who had acquired them from the ball field in Jacksonville. The cost of new light poles would be about $6,000 apiece. Ten of the poles could be used right away to upgrade the lighting system at Harriman Park, and the other nine poles could be stored until needed or sold.

The council voted to approve the purchase of the used light poles in order to improve the lights on the field which could possibly attract more tournaments into Buffalo. In recent years, several play off events have selected Buffalo for their contests.

Executive Director of the BEDC Ken Jones presented the council with the BEDC quarterly report. The report was approved.

The council approved a Revised Resolution regarding the NIBRS Grant Application for the Buffalo Police Department. The revision names Mayor Dawkins as the Executive Director. If approved, this grant would help the police department purchase software to be able to do their own crime reporting which will make the department eligible for certain other grants.

Police Chief Lance Pavelka presented the council with his department?s monthly report. There were 145 citations issued for the month and 70 calls for service. Included in the calls for service was the arrest of a Robbery suspect involving the break-in at the Four Jacks Pawn Shop on Commerce Street, recovery of a vehicle which had been stolen in another county, 3 Assault cases, 1 Theft of a Firearm, and 1 Harassment.

Also arrested was a suspect who allegedly took food items with out paying at the Tiger Mart that led to a scuffle between the suspect and an employee resulting in about $10,000 worth of damage. The suspect was booked into the Leon County Jail.

The Council approved May 20th as the date for their next regular meeting.