HUD Office Receives Notice From Previous Executive Director

Directors of the Buffalo Housing Authority received a copy of a letter sent by the former Executive Director, Rachel Taylor. The letter was addressed to President Trump and started with the following sentence: ?With this letter I am not asking to be pardoned only for a reduction of monies that I am suppose to owe.?

Taylor was convicted in a Federal Court in Waco of having Misappropriated Funds while employed at the Buffalo Housing Authority during the the three years she worked in that position. Taylor resigned from that position in March of 2014 when evidence of wrong doing was first discovered.

Taylor was sentenced to serve six months incarceration, six months home confinement, and two and a half years of probation.

Directors of the Buffalo Housing Authority were presented copies of the letter to the President of the United States that Taylor had sent at their regular meeting held Thursday, March 29th. HUD President Gary Danford presided at the meeting.

Danford commented on the letter from Taylor by saying, ?We are thankful this issue has been dealt with to our satisfaction and resolved in court by authorities. We are thankful that the Buffalo Housing Authority has been able to move on and improve. We are much healthier today.?

In other HUD concerns, Executive Director Elaine Graves reported on continued low calls for repairs on the 22 units that are 100% occupied. ?I really contribute the low calls,? said Graves, ?to our steady work in preventive maintenance and monthly inspections.?

Later this year will be a required Government inspection of the units. This is the first inspection in three years since the last inspection rated a high ranking. Earning a higher ranking also allows Buffalo to receive an increase in government funds to operate the low cost housing projects.

Buffalo Police Office Rigo Mata gave the security report. According to Mata all complaints were minor and dealt with individually. ?Mostly we have had a quiet month,? said Mata.

Directors discussed the need to expand the Buffalo projects by building additional units. Currently, the list for those needing low income housing is growing and the wait time is 1 to 3 years. Those in attendance besides Danford and Graves were Directors Jim Scott, Susan Wilder, Hannah Leach, Nora Garcia, and Sue Pittman. And visitor Joe Graves.