City Council Meets

Members of the Buffalo City Council met Monday, March 25th, for their regular monthly meeting. All were present except Councilwoman Dianne Ryder. Buffalo Mayor Royce Dawkins presided.

The council heard from Buffalo Water Manager Tommy Reese on the city?s need for a maintainer for street repairs. The maintainer the city currently has is about 30 years old, broken and not usable. According to Reese the repairs needed are expensive.

?We need a larger maintainer,? said Reese. ?If we want to be serious about road repair, we have to have a dependable machine.? The council discussed the cost of a new machine with Councilman Jerrod Jones offering the idea of renting a maintainer as needed to avoid the costly upkeep of owning a maintainer.

A motion was made to pursue the purchase a new maintainer, but the vote ended in a tie when Councilman Glenn Hightower and Councilwoman Dorothy Farmer voted in favor of the purchase while Jones and Councilman Jerry Salazar voted against it. Mayor Dawkins broke the tie by voting in favor of the purchase of a maintainer for the city.

The council next considered the streets within the city that are in need of repair. Jones stipulated that a road inspector was needed to ensure the work was done as ordered by the city. Mayor Dawkins said that the next project for repairs will be on Humphries Street and Medical Drive. No action was taken.

The council received rebids from three trash collection services and set a date of April 1st to hold a special meeting and discuss the proposals and possibly award the contract. The three companies bidding for trash collection in Buffalo are Frontier Waste Solutions of Hillsboro, Republic of Corsicana, and Waste Connections of Palestine.

The council heard the Financial Audit Report for FYE 9-30-18. The report included a description of an increase in the balance of the general fund due to a larger collection of sales tax in the city. The audit was approved.

The council voted in favor of the Atmos Franchise Agreement. The council also approved the continued participation with the Steering Committee of Cities Served by Oncor.

Buffalo Police Chief Lance Pavelka gave the monthly report for the police department. There were 172 citations for the month and the department responded to 90 calls for service. Pavelka asks motorists to slow down as there is more traffic now around the county due to pipe line crews.

The Chief, also, again appealed to citizens to beware of phone scams. ?Hardly a week goes by,? said Pavelka, ?that we don?t get a report of someone sending money because of a phone scam.? Most recently, people are receiving calls that their grandson is in jail with some legal problems and money is needed to get the grandson out of trouble. ?Please don?t send money,? said Pavelka, ?because of what you hear in an unsolicited phone call.?