Chamber of Commerce President Resigns

Directors of the Buffalo Chamber of Commerce met Thursday, March 28th, for their regular meeting. Near the close of the meeting, Elizabeth Ferrari, who was presiding as President informed those in attendance that she was resigning from her position. Ferrari said she had met a ?wall of resistance? to move the Buffalo Stampede to the Expo this year, among other issues. Ferrari has served two months as President of the Buffalo Chamber.

Most directors seem to favor moving the Stampede to the Expo this year, but in the February meeting, the item was tabled until further information was gathered. Ferrari reported presenting her plans to the city, but said she did not get a positive response.

Cory Theis, who is the Vice President of the Buffalo Chamber of Commerce, was not present.

In other business, four new members were voted in favor of becoming Alternate Directors: Pat Williams, Pam Stroud, Clayton Loftin, and Sandy Hennessey.

Approval was voted to continue participating in the Liberty Map-Advertising Campaign. This is not a cost to the Chamber.

The agenda item to update to current version of Quick Books on the Chamber computer was tabled until Director Chad Rudani can find more information.

The issue of Comp Time for the secretary of the Chamber was again tabled.

The member of the month selected for April is Miracle Christian Church.

Directors attending the meeting were treated with a lunch supplied by Community National Bank. Present were Ferrari, Sue Pittman, Chad Rudani, Calvin Williams, Pat Williams, Elaine Graves, Samantha Jones, Jerrod Jones, Parthena Newsom, Ken Jones, Clayton Loftin, Stacy McCeig, Ed Chatterly, Kenneth Oliver, Tommy Neyland, Susan Wilder, and Sandy Hennessey.