Kin Worthy Harvest in Buffalo

Kin Worthy Harvest is now in Buffalo.

Kin Worthy Harvest has expanded and is now ready for operations in Leon County. Troy Swift, a property owner in Flo, and part of the family owned company of Kin Worthy Harvest, built a commercial greenhouse at his Flo location and will soon began supplying Brookshire Brothers in Buffalo with fresh produce.

Kin Worthy Harvest has been in operation for some time and sells their produce at the Farmers? Markets in Waco, Dallas, and McKinney. Now they are expanding by coming to Brookshire Brothers in Buffalo and to a location in Limestone County. Brookshire Brothers has a ?buy local? initiative plan for fresh produce.

Swift?s operation has met all the requirements for Brookshire Brothers by being compliant with the Texas Department of Agriculture Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) for Product Safety.

?We plant our product from seed,? said Swift. ?They spend about a month growing before we move them into the Hydroponic System. The current capacity is 288 heads. We stagger the products to give around 50 head a week ready for harvest. The plan is to have produce on the shelf in Buffalo beginning this week, March 25th and continue until the Texas heat makes growing too hard.?

To learn more, visit their website at https://kinworthyharvest.com