Commissioners Tackle Agenda

CERTIFICATE OF ADMIRAL -- Trevor Blandford of England receives the Certificate Of Admiral of the Texas Navy from John Thoma of Centerville who is also an Admiral of the Texas Navy Association. Standing with Bandford is his wife Julie.

Leon County Commissioners met Monday, March 11th for their first regular meeting of the month. County Judge Byron Ryder presided.

John Thoma of Centerville presented Trevor Blandford of Lee on the Solent, England, with the Certificate of Admiral with the Texas Navy. Thoma is also a Retired Admiral of the Texas Navy Association. Accepting with Blandford was his wife Julie.

The court approved the use of the Centerville Square for the Blue-Ribbon Ceremony on April 3rd at 1pm. The ceremony will be dedicated to the 23 confirmed cases of child abuse and/or neglect in Leon County in 2018. This annual event is held in April as part of the Child Abuse Prevention Month, and is hosted by Scotty?s House Child Advocacy Center and local law enforcement agencies of Leon County.

A request by Larry Parks to waive late fees in the amount of $51.23 concerning taxes owed was denied.

A request from Social Services Director Donna Danford to sell the departments 2010 Toyota van was approved. The department has recently purchased a new van.

The Racial Profiling Report for Pct 1 was approved.

The court held a discussion concerning the Women?s Baby Shower event and Toy Drive for Fort Hood. Judge Ryder made a motion to allow the Friends of Steel to partner with the county and collect the donations for the event. Several commissioners questioned the court?s transfer of authority over the program for Fort Hood. Eventually, the motion was rescinded, and the agenda item was tabled.

The Census 2020 Resolution for the Complete County Committee was approved. Also approved was the following list of persons to make up the committee: Linda Amos, Donna Danford, Jason Morris, Ken Jones, Bobby Walters, Amy Kaiser, Jason Jeitz, Tommy Neyland, Alan Grisham, Robert White, Daundi Boren, Jimmy Carrigan, Ruth Himes, Dorin Tredway, and Susan Wilder.

Ken Leonard, Census Specialist, will lead the group and spoke to the court on the importance of obtaining a complete census every ten years. ?The count will determine our number of state representatives,? said Leonard, ?and also the distribution of grant funding.?

A request to extend the deadline of using holiday accrual for jailers only until August 1st was approved. Commissioner Dean Stanford abstained from the vote after expressing the view that if the extension is allowed in one department, it should be allowed for all.

Approval was voted for an Order authorizing the San Jacinto Day Firework Sales in Leon County beginning April 1st and ending April 21st. The sale is allowed as long as the county is not under a ban burn.

Approval was voted for the bond for the District Clerk.

The agenda item to authorize the prepayment of driving records for current employees and new hires was tabled until it could be further reviewed.

Donations to the Senior Nutrition Center were approved. The donation for February was $827, and the donation for March was $1,847.

The court approved a request from Sheriff Ellis to sell several vehicles that are not needed any longer. Approved to sell were two Impalas, one Charger, and 1 jail van.

The court spent about twenty minutes in an executive session with an attorney before returning to public format. No action was taken.

April 11th has been set for the next tire and electronics collection. No tractor tires and no rims will be accepted.