Buffalo Chamber Of Commerce Meets

Directors of the Buffalo Chamber of Commerce met Thursday, February 28th, for their regular monthly meeting. President Elizabeth Ferrari presided for the first time since she was elected to office.

Director Tommy Neyland gave a report of his and several other Leon County residents trip to Austin to meet with Representative Trent Ashby and Senator Charles Schwertner, see the Legislative in session, and to hear from four speakers. Topics discussed included the High Speed Rail, funding for state parks, and school finance. Neyand said he hoped the trip was the first of many.

A motion was made and approved to change the names on the bank signature cards to reflect the new officers for the Chamber. Ferrari?s name and Secretary/Treasurer Stacy McCeig?s name will be added.

A motion was tabled to assign a committee to study the Chamber?s by-laws until discussed further next month.

Sandy Hennesey volunteered to help Ferrari conduct a survey of Chamber Members to help determine the needs the Chamber can best address.

A request for $100 dollars to help the Haunted House event was denied.

A motion to compensate the Chamber Secretary?s overtime hours with comp time was tabled for more discussion.

Directors approved the donation of use of the Civic Center for the Buffalo ISD Kindergarten program on May 22nd.

Directors approved the expenditure of $62.50 to purchase plaques to be used as awards for Member of the Month.

A discussion of moving the Buffalo Stampede to the Expo Center was tabled until further information can be gathered.

Approval was voted to pay the $100 annual fee to maintain membership in the Lone Star BBQ & Sanctioned Event. This group has sponsored the Stampede BBQ Cook Off the last two years.

Directors voted to accept Director Chad Rudani?s offer to install the 2019 Version of Microsoft Office to the Chamber of Commerce computer.

The new member of the month for March is Diva Nails.

Directors attending the February meeting were Elizabeth Ferrari, Corey Thiess, Stacey McCeig, Sue Pittman, Chad Rudani, Tommy Neyland, Chase Glick, Susan Wilder, Samantha Jones, Ken Jones, Edward Chatterly, and Kenneth Oliver. Guest were Jerrod Jones, Sandy Hennesey. Denise Rosington, Kenneth Schroeder, and Bill Schroeder. Those present enjoyed a lunch provided by Kenneth Schroeder and office.