ARCIT Meets at Capital

The Association of Rural Communities in Texas (ARCIT) held a meeting in Austin, Texas at the Capitol on February 28, 2019, with several Legislators and Associations to assess what is going on currently during the Legislative Session and how we can help the process. During the meeting we met with Rep. Trent Ashby, Rep. Cecil Bell, Rep. Andrew Murr, Senator Seliger, and Senator Buckingham along with the Texas Association of County, and the general Counsel of the Judges and Commissioners Association of Texas. One of the main issues at this point is school funding. It is a very critical component to be worked out, so Legislators will know the direction the rest of the session will take. Nothing is concrete yet, but they have heard from a lot of school administrators about this issue and how it might be done. Even Superintendent Lacy Freeman from Buffalo I.S.D. testified and gave them some of his ideas on how to fix school the funding issue. We will attend sessions as often as possible to try to let our Legislators know our views on various issues that will directly affect Leon County.