Reconstruction Continues At Flo Water

All of the directors for the Flow Community Water Supply Corporation (FCWSC) were present for their regular monthly meeting held Thursday, February 21st, in Centerville. President Mike Meade presided.

Field Manager Mark Collins reported on field activities since the last meeting. Collins noted the major breaks in lines that were repaired and some equipment problems that were attended.

Collins also mentioned the slicker suits some of the employees purchased when working one night in freezing weather to restore water to residents. FCWSC did reimburse the men for the expenditure, but directors discussed the fact that FCWSC allows the employees $150 each year for clothing. Directors agreed that anything above that should be purchased at employee expense.

Meade also raised the issue of some employees ?sitting around? after a job is completed in order to draw overtime. ?Some of the employees do not seem to appreciate the position we are in?, said Meade.

Collins said that he was not aware of this and would not allow it if he had known. Collins also said that the current crew was one of the best he has had. Meade requested that Collins and the employees clean up the old pipe and equipment that is at the well site on Highway 75. Collins said that they would attend to the matter.

In another agenda item, the board voted to put Office Manager Caroline Salinas in complete charge of all employee work schedules to address noted discrepancies. Meade said the move was necessary to ?take better control of the house.?

Caroline said she would work with close coordination with Collins concerning the work done in the field.

A closed session meeting was held to discuss the agenda item Personnel Matters, Field Supervisor. When they returned to open session, the directors did not take any action following their private discussion.

Salinas gave a report on projects and concerns pertaining to the office. Salinas said that ?the office is going well?, and they continue to work toward the time when Consultant Trish Fritzel is no longer needed.

Fritzel and Attorney Trisha Coy, both from offices in Clifton, have attended meetings since changes were made concerning the office manager in September of 2018. Fritzel has continued to work to help the office in reconstruction of finances.

Fritzel, in her finance report to the board, suggested that the payroll cutoff for overtime be moved to Sunday with the pay issued the following Friday. Fritzel said that the change might eliminate some of the confusion on overtime pay. This suggestion was approved.

The board approved the Co-Bank Loan of $1.9 million for Water Well #6 and refinance note.

The board also approved the ballots for the upcoming election of three directors to the board. The seats which are expiring in April are the ones held now by Meade, Mike Wheeler, an Phillip Bounds. None of the three have signed up to run again, and no one else has signed up to run. The deadline to sign up is March 1st.

The FCWSC meets on the third Thursday of the month at 3pm at the Cowboy Church just east of Centerville on Highway 7. Currently, there are 1597 meters in service.