Bond Revoked For Langley

Michael Langley

The Honorable District Judge Michael Davis ruled in favor of the state on a motion to Revoke the Bond of Michael Langley. The hearing was held Thursday, January 31. Langley is charged with Injury to the Elderly with Intended Bodily Harm. Representing Langley is Attorney Benji Reed.

District Attorney Hope Knight stated that Langley had violated the terms of his bond when he continued to come onto the property of the alleged victim. It was also alleged that Langley had harassed the individual. ?In order to protect her safety,? said Knight, ?the state recommends that Langley be held in the county jail without bond.?

The state called, as their first witness, a deputy of the Leon County Sheriff?s office who testified that security cameras were installed at the home of the alleged victim after she reported Langley?s continued approach to her home. One camera was removed, but one camera captured the imagine of the license plate of the vehicle belonging to Mr. Langley.

Reed, the attorney for Langley, said that the alleged victim had called his office on several occasions and stated that she did not want Langley to go to jail. Reed also said that no one, including the alleged victim, has seen Langley on her property.

The judge ruled in favor of the prosecution and ordered that Langley remain in the Leon County Jail without bond until there is a resolution in the case.