Darton Sentenced To 60 Years in TDC

Nacombi Darton

Nacombi Darton was in court Thursday, February 7, for sentencing. The Honorable District Judge Deborah Oakes Evans sentenced Darton to 60 years in the Texas Department of Corrections for his conviction on the charge of Soliciting a Minor for Prostitution in a situation that occurred in Buffalo at Gilliam?s in April 2017.

In trial testimony that occurred last month, the jury heard that Darton approached a 14 year female resident of Centerville, inside Gilliam?s at Buffalo, and asked her to perform oral sex for $20. The girl reported this to her father who was in another part of the store, and her father confronted Darton outside. A crowd gathered, the police were called, and Darton, who arrived in Buffalo from Houston on a bus just days before, was arrested and charged. He has been held in the Leon County Jail since his arrest.

The sentencing followed a Pre-Sentencing Investigation (PSI) ordered by Evans at the conclusion of Darton?s trial held last month. The investigation is a history of the subject including psychological and physical well being. The investigation also includes prior legal charges and convictions. Most of Darton?s prior convictions were drug related.

A Leon County Jailer testified to several of the problems that Darton had caused while he has been incarcerated, including destroying jail property and flooding a toilet. He also said that Darton had been uncooperative and disrespectful.

John Bankhead, the attorney for Darton, asked if Darton?s behavior could be due to his psychological condition which reportedly includes being bi-polar. The jailer said he did not know if that was the cause.

The defense called the aunt who raised Darton to the stand. The aunt testified that Darton does well when he takes medication, but has also, at times, turned to the use of drugs rather than coping skills. ?He needs to be in a place where he can get some help.?

Leon County District Attorney Hope Knight in closing asked the judge for a long sentence ?to keep the community safe.? Bankhead asked for leniency citing Darton?s mental problems. The judge agreed in this case with the prosecution and sentenced Darton to 60 years in the Texas Department of Corrections.