Latham Sentenced to Ten Years

Steven Latham

Steven Latham was sentenced to 10 years in the Texas Department of Corrections in a hearing Friday, February 1, held in Centerville. The Honorable District Judge Michael Davis presided. District Attorney Hope Knight and Assistant District Attorney Keith Cook presented the state?s evidence against Latham. Attorney John Bankhead defended Latham.

Latham, at an earlier date, entered a guilty plea to the charge of Injury to a Child with Intended Bodily Injury. The judge ordered a Pre Sentencing Investigation (PSI), and set the date for sentencing.

The state first called Adult Probation Supervisor Michael Cannaine to summarize the PSI. Cannaine described the victim as the 4 year old step son of Latham who was injured as a result of Latham spanking the child for not doing his homework.

The state also called the teacher who reported the bruising. In her testimony, the teacher describe the injuries to the child?s legs, buttocks, and arm as ?the worst I have seen.?

The defense called Latham?s parents to the stand. Both testified that if their son was sentenced to a probation, their son could live in their home and would be employed to earn money to help support his step son and his three biological children.

Defense also called Latham himself who testified that he had not intended to cause such an injury and that he felt remorse for it. He said that he was raised in a home with corporeal punishment and felt he was doing the right thing at the time.

In closing, Knight recounted Latham?s history of arrests, charges, and prior prison sentences, two of which were felonies. Knight asked the judge for the maximum sentence allowed, 10 years. Judge Davis agreed with the state in this case and sentenced Latham to 10 years in TDC.