Flo News 1-22-19

The sunshine is great, we better enjoy since this is still January, we have more cold rainy days to expect. Marilyn Pate and I enjoyed the California cousins about a week ago. Ann, Keith and Katy Briley live near San Diego California. Ann is Odie Timmons daughter, and Aunt Allie and Uncle Arthur Timmons granddaughter. Ann and Keith’s daughter, Katy wants to be a computer programmer and she is looking at UT in Arlington, Texas. She is a sharp young lady and was valedictorian of her class. The Briley’s called every day they were here and asked Marilyn and me to meet them somewhere for lunch. They are upbeat and fun to be around. Anthony’s was one of their favorite places. I think Marilyn and I gained a few pounds after eating out so many days.

Our Condolences to James Mae Henson family. Mr. Henson began his teaching career at Flo School. Most of his years were in Buffalo High School. He taught me History when I was a freshman there. (that was few years ago). I imagine most everyone in Leon County knew James Mae Henson. He had a good personality and was a coach many years. He got excited when Buffalo was going to play Centerville in football. James Mae was married to Peggy Pipes who was a Centerville graduate. It is said he would send the Centerville coach a sympathy care before the game. That really got them “ fired up”. Ken Woodard, my late husband was a Centerville graduate and he played football and basketball. I was a Buffalo graduate. He was 3 years older than me so we did not attend many games after we married. Ken was an A & M student when we married and we lived in College Station. I worked while he attended A & M on the G I Bill. Incidentally, girls could not attend college there in those years.

Justin and Brandy Mills house burned last weekend. Their home was near Cleveland, Texas. Justin received some injuries and at this writing, he is still in Herman hospital in Houston. Brandy is out of hospital now. Justin’s parents are Dennis and Glenda Mills. They live off FM 831 behind Larry and Monica Grissett. His grandparents are Janice and Glen Castles. Justin’s other grandmother is Ruby Mills who is also Buffalo area resident. Justin and Brandy have a 4-year-old son. Brandy has a daughter, Layla Waters. I cannot imagine the trauma to watch all of your clothes, furniture and home being completely destroyed by fire. Please keep this family in your prayers.

Also remember Sheila Beshears West. She is the caregiver for Donovan. For those who do not know Sheila’s mom was a Rabe. Her mom, Bonnie was a teacher’s aide at Lone Star School when Ken was a principal there.