2018: Year in Review as Highlighted in The Buffalo Express

Are YOU ready for this New Year we have been given by the grace of our Loving God? Well, we are! Our year started out with a bang, but that is not unusual for your Buffalo Express! The Leon County Crime Stoppers is offering $1,200 cash for any tips leading to the arrest of Christopher Brooks, a fugitive from Liberty County. (Our Officers are always watching over us, so if you ?invade our territory?, yagonna get caught!)

Oh, my, goodness: enough already about the election! The mud-slinging will cause you to ?lose your breakfast?, or as my Mom used to say, ?toss your cookies?. Me? I am ready for it to be over and done with so we can move on and handle the ?important stuff?.

Our New City Hall, with months in the planning stage, has gotten the ?go ahead? from everyone. (It will be right on 75 next to Community National Bank.) Our town has grown in numbers over the past couple of years, and we are excited about our newest ?project?.

We keep hearing about the new high-speed-rail, but quite frankly, I think more than a few folks are against it. My thought: I would hate for it to run thru my property, no matter how large or small my ?holdings? were.And what do our property-owning-readers have to say???

This month, we have several folks missing around the dinner table. Some of those are: Nelle Taylor, Rev. Mary Ann Lowe,SFC Tristen Grayson, Mr. Terry ?Ed? Noey, and Harry C. Humphreys. May the peace of God surround the loving families left behind.

February 2018

?And ?the beat goes on?: folks making speeches and promises. (Hopefully, on March 6th we will see ?the dust settled? Did you hear how much money our DPS Troopers recovered in a traffic stop on I-45? ONLY $47,943 in CASH! Good job, Officers! Keep up the good work; y?all make us proud?

Heard that several Sheriffs of Leon and other surrounding Counties have some very real concerns about the High-Speed Rail. At a meeting, many of those concerns were shared, and it appears that there is great merit in the information/notes/questions. Aren?t we thankful for those Officers who are concerned about our welfare? You bet we are!

The Buffalo Chamber Banquet was a raging success. Business of the Year: Community National Bank; Youth Organization of the Year: Mike Kennedy with the Buffalo Youth Organization; and Non-Profit Organization Of The Year: The First Baptist Church. Buffalo Folks just like being busy and will jump in to help at the drop of a hat. (And, as my Grandfather used to say? ?and folks just love droppin? the hat!?)

And on the list of those ?Going On Home? this month: Connie Lathrop, Alan M. Windsor, Carolyn Easley Pettey, Robert (Bob) Boettcher, David Wayne (Bubba) Brassell, and Robert Harris. Prayers for those left behind to grieve these precious people.

March 2018

Happenings around town??? Justin Kilgore, a 2005 Buffalo High School graduate, recently secured a spot on ?Team Kelly? by singing ?Tomorrow? by Chris Young,turned all four chairs in the season opener of the 4th season of The Voice! How is that for a ?small-town kid??

And Community National Bank and Trust contributed $2,500 in sponsorship money to the 2018 Leon County Youth Livestock Show. The Show will run April 16-20 at the Leon County Expo Center. Community National Bank in Buffalo donated the lighted sign on Highway 75 for the Expo Center.

James Hayden Dare Belknap was finally sentenced for a long spree of poaching that took place back in 2015. He was sentenced to one year in TDCJ to be followed by 5 years of probation. He also must pay a fine of $2,500 and restitution fees to one property owner.

Our own Alex Rodell and Laramee Champion are state-bound! Laramee finished the season as the Reserve Breakaway Roping Champion and she also qualified for state in Goat Tying. Alex Rodell will be headed to Gonzalez for a week. She qualified for State in Breakaway Roping and Goat Tying. Prayers going up for both of these talented young ladies!

Buffalo resident, Darla Williams, recently realized ?a dream come true?. She has written a book, Casey?s Adventure, and is walking on cloud nine. She related that she has always wanted to ?do this?, and now?she can say, once and for all, ?I can do all things thru Christ who lives in me!?

Rhett Read: He has been honored with membership into the International Dean?s List Society for exemplary academic performance at Blinn College.

April 2018

Buffalo High School Theatre has advanced to the Regional OAP Championship Meet for the first time since 2009. The show, Anatomy Of Gray, by Jim Leonard, is a beautiful coming-of-age story set in rural Indiana in 1890. And BHS Senior, Ima Champion, has signed a letter to attend TVCC where she will continue to Rodeo.

Heard thru the grape-vine: Rusty Teston is busy, busy, busy expanding well-known ?Country Cousins?, where the food is awesome, the service is good, and the smiles are plentiful. So? stop by and say ?Howdy!?

And here we have? Most Outstanding Freshman at Texas A&M University, Gracie Davis, a member of the Corps of Cadets. She just ?happens? to be granddaughter of Jean and Tom Davis, who seem ?just a tad? proud of Gracie.

Also ?heard thru the ?grapevine?: Nursing Home Coming to Buffalo. Quote: ?Work will start soon on this new facility; target date for completion is June of 2019.? Said building to be 41,000 square feet in size and will have 90 beds. About 80 full time jobs will be needed and some part-time positions.

May 2018

WOW! 2018 Prom King and Queen: Angel Arriaga and Jordan Ward; Senior Best Dressed: Shalyn Cotton & James Rodell; Junior Best Dressed: Peyton Graves & McKenzie Ryder; and Cutest Couple: Melanie Slay and Dawson Adams. Proud of our young people??? You bet cha! Our young people ?clean-up-real-good?, don?t they?

Bi-District Champions? Yep! They laid claim to the Bi-District title and now are on their way to make a grab for Area Championship. Go for it; we believe in you! We can sure be proud of our young people; they work hard at excelling in whatever they do.

Yes, we DO have Outstanding Athletes! To name a few: Colby Menefee brought home the state title in Feature Writing and was state runner-up in Editorial writing. Outstanding Athletes: Ryan Rath and Jayci Hightower; Sportsmanship Award: Benito Rivas and our own Shalyn Cotton.And In This Corner: Valedictorian, Lilah Adams; Salutatorian, James Rodell; and Historian, Natalie Uptmor. And more frontpage news:

Sad news for hundreds of us who knew and loved Lauri Gale Gilliam; she went Home to be with her Lord and left many of us to give thanks for having had her in our lives. Me? I can?t remember when I didn?t know and love her; she was such an out-going lady that if you knew her, you loved her. Love and prayers go out to her family.

June 2018

Tell me it ain?t so!!! Some of our awesome ladies, long-time members of the School System, are talking RETIREMENT! Did I get that right? I saw the list and it had the following BISD Retirees names on it?so, I stopped and said a prayer for all of them. Retiring: Johnnie Brogdon, Beverly Cummings, Donna Lewis, Tracy Cleghorn, Tammy Oldham and Lana Morgan-Belyeu. Ladies, enjoy your retirement and be totally blessed! My awesome daughter-in-love, Racheal Morris, has a heart for kids and loves the time she spends working with our kiddoes. She is a real blessing to this ol? woman!

Making The Front Page: Our own Alex Rodell is National-Bound to Huron, South Dakota to compete in Goat Tying! Alex, we are praying for you, Sweet One!

Hats off to the awesome folks who volunteer their time at The Lord?s Pantry! You all do an awesome (and often thankless) job! My Sweetheart, J.D,. and I loved our time there, and the lifetime friendships made were just that: for a LIFETIME! You are piling up blessings and God has His Hand upon each of you. A Million Hugs!

I heard thru the grapevine that the Lone Star Reunion was a big success, with so many smiling faces to behold. Pictures??? How many hundreds do you think were taken??? Don?t you just love reunions where old friendships become more special as the years go by. My precious father-in-love, Montie Morris, made so many friends in the community and I love hearing of the special things that he did for others.

July 2018

Guess I wasn?t the only one shocked at the news that our own Billye Copeland had ?gone on Home?. Billye was known to everybody, and if you ever went to the Buffalo Sale Barn, you have met him. Billye was always watching out for the young boys who often fell asleep leaning against the building waiting for someone to pick them up. Four of those boys were mine: Dino, Don, and Tim Morris, and my very special nephew, Mark ?Pork Chop? Ivey. After many long hours without sleep, they would lean up against the building and fall asleep with their checks in their hands. Often, the wind would blow their checks all over the place and faithful Billye Copeland would collect them, put them in his shirt pocket, and give them to me when I picked the four of them up. Billye Copeland? A legend, and he will be sorely missed.

Wild Cow Milking Champions??? What? Well, Chance Vaughn and Brad Hicks won the Wild Cow Milking Competition at the 89th Annual Teague Rodeo with a time of 20.09.

Opening soon in Centerville: The new Community National Bank!I love Community National Bank and my favorite ?Banker of All Time?, Mr. Tommy Neyland.

Did you hear? The Flo Water Office had a break-in! At this time, the investigation is Still on-going, but we will be praying for those working on the case.

Get this! An Army Chinook helicopter had to make an emergency landing in a pasture near Keechi due to leaking hydraulic fluid and some disturbing noises. It was an unusual sight, sitting there for a couple of days, until parts could be found and replaced. But, Leon County folks are of a ?special kind? jumping in to provide meals, treats, local chit-chat for the guys on board. News? Well, Yeah!

Our new City Hall is taking shape, and I know the folks over in our current ?cramped quarters? will be so glad. Can?t wait to see it completed, and? it is within a couple of blocks of my house. Yea!

August 2018

I HEARD it thru the grapevine!!! Our very own Sharon Copeland is retiring after 35 years with Oncor! In 1983 she moved down the street from her old job at the City Hall on a Friday afternoon and began her new vocation with Texas Power and Light on Monday. What a slacker! Hey, put up the baseball bat; just teasing one of the finest women that I ever met and love dearly. But, then, who wouldn?t love her? She is very special to us here at ?The Express?!

Yep, you read it here first! The big drug bust out on PR 4505 in Hilltop Lakes, Leon County, uncovered 1850 marijuana plants, methamphetamines, and illegal firearms. Good Officers? The ?best in the west? is how we describe them! Love our officers!

God bless our Local Volunteer Fire Departments! They are always ready to sacrifice family-time, job-time (where possible), and, of course, family time to fight fires that threaten your family, property, and mine. May God continually keep His Mighty Hand upon each of them.

By the time you read this, the Little Bison Learning Center will be a working reality! It is the ?dream of a lifetime? realized for Sheila Davis. She retired from Buffalo ISD in 2015 and has now accomplished what she has dreamed of doing for more years than she can count.

September 2018

Community National Bank & Trust contributed money from the Casual for Charity Fund to the Buffalo Volunteer Fire Department. ?And all of God?s people said: Thanks, Community National Bank! The house you saved may have been mine!?

Sittin?, written by ?yours truly?, for over 25 years, has long been a favorite of our readers. I can?t seem to find a ?stoppin? place?, so I guess we just ?grab another gear?, and keep on keepin? on. Old saying: It takes many cooks to ?stir the soup?, so guess Glenda (Jeffus), Yvonne (Woodard) and I will just keep on ?wearin? out the pencils?!

The Buffalo Stampede! Always a family favorite, and the floats, entries, etc. are amazing. Folks work all week, and spend half the night working toward completing their entry, and still make it to work the next morning! Leon county folks are amazing!

1st Place ATV?s went to Last Chance Designs; 2nd Place ATV?s went to Buffalo 4-H; 3rd Place ATV?s went to Lynch Supply; 1st Place Special Groups went to Bison Band; 2nd Place Special Groups went to Bison Belles; 3rd Place Special Groups went to Cheerleaders; 1 st Place Non-Business went to Girl Scouts. And all of God?s People said ?Y?all did a great job!?

?Braggin? Rights? are in order! The Mighty Bison defeated Westwood 23-0!!!!!! And the Bison ended Non-District 3-0? Is it ok if we brag ?just a tad!??

Bison Tire & Lube was named Member of the Month for August. They are celebrating their 10th Anniversary. (The place to go to get your tires; that?s where I get mine.)

?Stitches and Lil? Britches? is Member of the Month of September. ?Congratulations, Ladies!? I understand that you are celebrating your 9th Anniversary. So, ?onward and upward? for y?all!

On a more personal note: This was my Sweetheart?s Birthday month: (the 28th) He has been a ?resident of Heaven? for five and a half years and I still miss him every day. He was an awesome Mate, loved the Lord with his whole heart, and was a living example of how our five sons should live their lives. He made the world a better place because of Whose he was/is.

Tears??? Daily, especially when I am in my prayer-time. This I know; J.D. Morris is cheering me and my family on. Hisreply when one of the boys or me was having a difficult time/day: ?YOU Can do this. Not because of who you are, but because of WHOSE you are! No matter how ?tuff? life gets, just remember that He created you in His Likeness and then ask yourself ?What would I do if this was MY child in trouble?? Answer: You?d go the extra mile!

There is total peace at ?the foot of the Cross?, and talking to our Lord is how you get there. Have you thanked Him lately for all that He has done for you? Just a reminder: He is the Giver of Perfect Peace!

October 2018

Our Veterans Appreciation Day was a ?smashing success?, according to our readers, calls, and overheard-at-the-dinner-table! Held at the Expo Center, attendance was awesome and cheers of applause were heard for days.

Just in case you didn?t ?get the memo?, our NEW City Hall is ?open for business?, and our ladies are working like mad to get everything in place. Drop by and let them know that we are blessed to have them, the new building, and that we appreciate all of their hard work. Getting ?settled-in? can be a huge undertaking!

All Buffalo Council Members were able to make the September Meeting, with various thoughts and ideas being discussed and settled. Donna Williams, new receptionist for our new City Hall, was introduced at the meeting. She is a graduate of Buffalo High School and lives in Buffalo. Her position will start out as part-time, but as our awesome city continues to grow, so will our need for her to work more hours. Be sure and let Donna know that we appreciate her.

Winners of this year?s 39th Annual Stampede Raffle Drawing Winner of the Cub Cadet 400 4X4 was Mr. Kyle Stoehr of Scurry, Texas. Happy? From the look on his face, I?d say YES!

Busy times for Buffalo Folks! See You At The Pole, another well-attended event, was not only impressive, but thought-provoking. Seeing dozens of our kids with heads bowed, standing around our flag pole, will bring tears to your eyes. (If it doesn?t, you are in trouble and you need help.) I am thankful every day that I live for being able to raise our five sons in America where we are free to choose Whom (or What) we will serve. Side note here: Thankful beyond words to see four of my great-grandchildren baptized at Calvary Christian Center after being removed from a home where their lives were in danger every day. Added bonus: They get to sit with Nana Bee and listen to ?our Pastor Jack? (Smith) preach how much God loves us and WANTS us in a safe home where God is Lord.

And how about those Bison??? They just keep rolling forward, working like a well-oiled machine, they are an amazing bunch of athletes! They just ?rolled over? Mildred with a 54-0 for an impressive Homecoming Win!!!

Jewett EMS was the low bidder for ESD#4 which earned them the contract for the next three years. They are replacing Allegiance who has serviced the area for the past 8-9 years. Jewett EMS currently serves Jewett and Marquez, but will have a unit dedicated to ESD#4 in Buffalo.

Annie Mae?s BBQ Burgers is up and ?runnin?! Get yourself by and say Hi to the Crew: Billie Jo Deal has taken some of her sister Shirley?s recipes and is doing a great job of ?feedin? the Multitudes?!

Missing by his family, Robert ?Stanley? Robinson has gone on Home. He was a ?permanent fixture? at Ace Hardware for more years than I can count. Remember going in there with my five sons, looking for some fitting, bolt, nut, etc. He always knew just where it could be found, what it cost, and remembered to ask if you had the needed oil, glue, etc. to complete your project. Memories? Uh huh!

Carol Beddingfield has completed her journey: she went on Home to be with her Savior on the 17th of this month. I loved this woman; she was an awesome teacher and she stood behind her students. My son, Don was one of those. A professor in Bryan graded one of my son?s test papers incorrectly and she stood with Don. She requested the Professor to show her how he got HIS answer; he was wrong and my Don aced that test! She was one-awesome-teacher!

Also ?saying good-by? and I?ll see ya later?, this month, were Howard Hughes, Stanley Robinson and Judy K. Harris, to mention a few. Our prayers go out to the families of these whom have been special in the lives of many. May God be with those ?left-behind?, for now.

November 2018

Had an awesome write-up this week about one of our Leon County Heroes, Claude Murphy. Seems he almost rolled over ?the enemy camp? single-handedly, according to friends/buddies of his. Is Leon County proud of him? You dog-gone betcha!

A couple of happenings this month were the firing of the Flo Water Office manager and the actions of one of our County Commissioners, Mr. Stanford. Our job here is to share what we know, but as a family newspaper, we are careful to never make judgement calls; not our job/calling. We love our readers, therefore we report the news, not because we agree with everything, but because we pride ourselves on never showing bias.

And here we have? The District Heroes, our Buffalo Bison! They rolled on with a 54-36 win over Edgewood. Tough fight, but they hung in there to pull off a win! Proud? You can take it to the bank! They are headed to the play-offs.

Community National Bank & Trust are officially open in Centerville. You are invited to drop by and view their beautiful structure, of which they are ?down-right-proud?!

And can you believe it??? The Donie Bank was robbed at gun point this last week and as of this moment, the culprit has not been caught. But with all diligence, he is being sought, and he will be caught!

?Headed on Home? this month was a well-known, much loved and respected gentleman named Thomas Edward Harcrow, Sr. This energetic gentleman was very seldom still, having a level of energy that surpassed men much younger. He kept busy, beginning his days early and not letting up much until the end of a long day. He will be missed by many.

December 2018

The 9th Annual Happy Birthday Jesus Celebration was held on Saturday, December 1stat the Buffalo Civic Center. Awesome, as always, when we make Him, Our Lord, the focus of all that we do! I often wonder how people who don?t trust everything to our Supreme Lord, make it in this daily life. Me? I stumble, like everyone else, but He always helps me up, and for that and Him, I am thankful. Due to a temporary ear infection, I missed The Bethlehem Experience at First Baptist and The Birth of Jesus at Bethel. Hopefully, that won?t happen next year.

And here we have: THE GRAND OPENING OF OUR NEW CITY HALL! This awesome occasion took place on the 7th of December and there was much excitement in the air! I, myself, have had the awe-inspiring tour of the facility and it is much bigger than it appears from the outside. LOVED IT!

Nucor Bar Mill group presented the Buffalo Volunteer Fire Department with a check for $5,000.00. Family and Friends of Steel Charitable Fund presented the Buffalo Volunteer Fire Dept. with a check in the amount of $750.00 and all of God?s people said AMEN! These folks all drop what they are doing to help save your property and mine. And?often, they never receive a Thank-You! But?it never stops them, and I am thankful for that!

Flo Community Water? Who knows, but hopefully, the resolution is in-sight, for which everyone concerned is hoping. The OLD Leon County jail??? The answer is in on it?s way; watched over by folks who know more about that than this ol? gal.

And in this corner: Escapee TristanNeason was captured and now resides in Limestone County Jail! Thanks to Law Enforcement in Leon and surrounding counties, we rest better at night. Thanks to All of our guys and gals that watch over us!!!

As Christmas draws near, we are constantly reminded of those whom have ?gladdened? our days. One of the many precious ones who always lifts my spirits is our own sweet Nettie Haynie; she is a joy to this ol? gal!

We wish all of our readers and advertisers a blessed and prosperous 2019! May God be with each and every one of you!