Stanford Admonished

LC Commissioner Dean Stanford

Leon County Commissioner Dean Stanford was in court Friday, December 21st, for a hearing concerning his probation. Stanford was sentenced to probation following his guilty plea to a charge of Assault. Judge Dwight Phifer presided at the hearing. Special Prosecutor Ekua Assabill was present to represent the state. Also present was Bill Tomlinson from the Walker County Community Supervision Department.

The judge admonished Stanford for not adhering to the terms of his probation including to not come within a certain range from the victim in the case, Stanford?s wife Christie Stanford. Phifer said, speaking to Stanford, ?You plead guilty to the charge. You could be serving up to 20 years in jail, but you were put on probation. If we would have known you weren?t going to comply with the terms, we wouldn?t have put you on probation.?

Phifer also called on Christie Stanford and warned her not to make contact with D. Stanford. ?I don?t know what happened,? said Phifer, ?I don?t care who contacted whom, but it should not happen again.?

The judge went back to Dean Stanford and warned him that if he is brought in again on any violation of his probation, the state can file a motion to revoke that probation and Stanford would be faced with incarceration. Asked by the judge if he had any questions, Stanford said, ?No.?

Stanford continues to work as Leon County Commissioner, Precinct 4, even though there have been calls from the public for his resignation. Stanford was originally charged with a felony in the incident which occurred earlier this year, but the charge was reduced to a misdemeanor by the special prosecutor after the case was moved to Walker County.