BISD Board Tackles Agenda

All Trustees of the Buffalo ISD Board were present for their last regular meeting of the year, Monday, December 17th. Board President Jack Helmcamp presided.

Helmcamp noted that the next election for board members will concern the three seats currently held by Trustees Monty McGill, John Rodell, and Randy Ayers.

Auditor J.W. Lambright presented the board with the annual audit report. The district remains in sound financial standing according to Lambright. BISD Superintendent Lacy Freeman credited the hard work of all the school?s personnel that handle the many school accounts during the year. ?Their careful record keeping,? said Freeman, ?under the direction of Financial Manager Courtney Rodell, is why we get the positive reports on our audits each year.?

Freeman gave the facilities report. New bleachers at the Lower Junior High have been installed. The old bleachers were removed and will be sold. Work continues to replace the roof on the elementary cafeteria. Upgrades on security are underway at the elementary campus and the Upper Junior High. The changes include a secure entrance into the offices at both campuses.

Transportation seems to be going well with no major bus repairs. Freeman reported that having the new bus free for traveling has relieved the transportation burden.

Current student enrollment total is 942.

Trustees voted to approve Budget Amendment #2.

Trustees voted to approve the Audit Report for school year 2017.

Trustees went into a closed meeting to discuss two items. One item was in regard to a student discipline issue. The other item regarded the superintendent evaluation.

Before going to closed session, the board was asked if school policy was followed regarding serious allegations made against students on December 6th. Helmcamp said there would be no response unless Freeman wanted to answer the question after the closed session.

After the closed session, the board voted to approve the Superintendent Appraisal Instrument for 2018-2019. No other comment was made.

The next school board meeting will be held January 14th at 6:45 following an Appreciation Dinner for Trustees.