Buffalo City Council Meets

All City Council Members were present at their regular meeting held Monday, November 26th at the new Council Room at 812 North Buffalo Avenue. Mayor Pro-tem Glenn Hightower presided in the absence of Mayor Royce Dawkins.

Prior to the regular meeting, the council held a workshop to discuss two concerns with city attorney Jerry Nowlin. The first item discussed was the rental agreement charges for the new Civic Center. No final agreement was reached after lengthy discussion and this item was postponed for further considerations.

The second item was to consider a comprehensive plan for the city?s Animal Control Ordinance. Nowlin said that he studied the current ordinances concerning animals that the city has and proposed a more unified ordinance and also a range of fees for violations of the ordinance.

Buffalo Veterinarian, Dr. Russell Jonas was present to present input on the topic. ?The increase in stray animals is a problem for the city,? said Jonas. ?We must have an ordinance that is enforceable. It is important that pets be vaccinated and spayed or neutered.? Jonas thanked the council for their attention to this issue.

In the regular session, the council heard a presentation from Engineer John Rusk concerning a Sewer Treatment Plant rehab and the cost. Rusk spoke of the comprehensive study of the city?s sewer system that was done in 2014 and recently updated. ?Basically,? said Rusk, ?Buffalo has three plants that work together. The first one is over 40 years old, and the second is over 30 years. Both has surpassed their useful life span.?

The proposed plant that Rusk asked the council to consider would treat high water inflow, like rain, and would also treat plant waste like from Ridley Block. The cost of the project and the best method to finance it was also discussed. The council voted to go forward with finding optional plans and to pursue funding.

Police Chief Lance Pavelka introduced a new employee for the Police Department. Debbie Weaver will begin work in early December on a part time basis. Weaver will take phone calls and perform other secretarial duties. Weaver will also help out in the judge?s office.

Council Member Jared Jones questioned hiring a new employee without council approval citing the council?s recent adoption of a policy for new hires. The council voted to approve the hiring of Weaver with Jones being the only vote in opposition.

Pavelka reported that the month of October had been a relatively calm month for his department. There were 85 citations issued and 55 calls for service. Accidents inside the city and on I45 continue, and motorists are urged to use care especially in poor weather conditions.

The council approved moving the next regular meeting to December 17th.

Hightower reminded the council and audience of the Open House that will be held at the new City Hall / Civic Center on December the 7th. All are invited to drop in and see the facilities between the hours of 10am and 4pm.