Commissioners Tackle Agenda

All four Leon County Commissioners were present for their last regular meeting of the month, Thursday, November 15th. Commissioner Joey Sullivan presided in the absence of County Judge Byron Ryder who was held up in other judicial proceedings.

Leon County Election Administrator Donna Golden reported the official canvass of the November 6th General Election. There were 6,600 votes cast of the 11,140 registered voters. This was 59% of the voters which was short of the last presidential election when there were 69% of the registered voters casting a ballot.

The board approved a request to allow Cassandra Noey to go to a one day ?Preparing to Take Office? workshop and to pay mileage.

The agenda item to adopt the accounts payable policy was tabled.

Also tabled was the item to take action on the Texas Preservation Grant concerning the 1913 Leon County Jail Project. Commissioner David Ferguson said more paper work was needed.

All personnel policy changes were approved.

There was no action on the agenda item to hear an update from Scott Christianson concerning the Silver Haired Legislation. Christianson was not present.

Donations that were accepted included $250 from Citizens State Bank for the Veterans Services. Judge Ryder and Pat Williams both donated to the Toy Fund. And donations in the amount of $860 for the Senior Nutrition Fund were approved.

Leon County Sheriff Kevin Ellis reported that the jail facility passed a recent inspection. ?We had a very good inspection and report,? said Ellis. ?I have good people at the jail, and they do a good job of keeping us current and ready for inspections.?