Flo News 11-13-18

BIRTHDAY LUNCH -- Mr. Wiley Eldon Waters (Uncle Eldon to many of us) of Athens celebrate his 94 Birthday, Saturday November 3rd, having a birthday lunch with some of his family. Enjoying the birthday lunch in Athens are Yvonne Waters Woodard, Melva and Charlie Waters, Charlene Waters, Eldon and Eva Waters, Stephen Waters, Toni Waters Dowling and Pat Ellison Williams.

Our condolences to Mr. Neal Kratz family. He was talented with his hands and could do wood work well. He was laid to rest by his wife at Lummus Cemetery. We were also sad to hear about Mr. Tom Ed Harcrow. He once owned Tom?s Mini Mart on Highway 79. He always had a smile and had a good personality. Please keep these families in your prayers.

Uncle Wiley Eldon Waters of Athens celebrated his 94th birthday November 3rd. His visitors that day were his sister in law, Charlene Waters and her son Steven Waters of League City/Houston area. Charlie and Melva Waters, Pat Ellison Williams and Yvonne Waters Woodard from Buffalo. We went to Cotton Patch restaurant and enjoyed one of Melva Waters delicious Cakes.

Well, I am glad the mid-term election is over. Some folks are happy and some disappointed. Politics can be a vicious career. Please pray for our country. Some folks are never happy...? a sign of the times?. We Christians need to pray every day. I know he still listens because when I lose my purse, phone or whatever and ask for his help. Then I will find the object shortly right where I left it!

Have a good week, drive carefully especially with the rain. FM 831 is almost a race track and try to not drive it after dark. The hogs and deer are crossing constantly.

This is my favorite prayer: God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change. The Courage to change the things I can. And the Wisdom to know the difference.