BISD Focuses on Security

BISD HONORS PRINCIPALS -- Pictured are Corey Hickerson, Tina Rayborn, Lacy Freeman, and Greg Kennedy. Not pictured are Susan Shelton and Sabrina McLain. October is Principals’ Month.

BISD Trustees met Monday, October 15th, for their regular monthly meeting. Those absent were Trustees Randy Ayers and Cole McVeay. President Jack Helmcamp presided.

With added security completed at the high school and lower junior high buildings, BISD Superintendent Lacy Freeman asked for the board?s approval to complete the project by contracting with Cowboy Contractors to create single points of entry on the upper junior high and the elementary campuses at a cost of $160,358.

Because the upper junior high and the elementary campuses consists of several buildings instead of just one, this is a challenging project. Freeman reported that of all plans considered, Cowboy Contractors offered the best solution. All board members voted in favor of the project. Since improvements at the high school and lower junior high were not so expansive, the total cost of adding security to all the BISD campuses is about $190,000.

In addition to adding security to the buildings, the entire BISD staff has completed a training from the state on response in the case of an active shooter. There is now a standard protocol in place for the staff to follow. ?It?s not that we think anything like that will happen here, God forbid,? said Freeman, ?but we are taking a proactive stance.?

The board approved a donation of ?state of the art? bleachers for the Lower Junior High Gym. The donation was made by Citizens State Bank and the Buffalo Little Dribblers. Carl Grissett, President of the Little Dribblers and representatives of Citizens State Bank were present to make the donation.

Approval was given for early release dates on two campuses for UIL contests. Students at the Upper Junior High will have an early release on December 5th. Students at the Elementary will have an early release on December 11th.

Freeman and board trustees honored the BISD principals as October is Principals? Month. Freeman thanked Sabrina McLain, Susan Shelton, Tina Rayborn, Greg Kennedy, and Corey Hickerson for their work. ?Thank you every day for all that you do,? said Freeman.

Junior High Principal Greg Kennedy and Counselor Melissa Smith gave the board an update on activities on their campus. Smith described a tutorial and extra help system that encourages and rewards student performances.

Freeman reported that the roof on the auditorium at the junior high was having problems due to the abundant rain. A new roof will be needed. The new bus that was approved has arrived and is being used now for a trip bus only. This bus is the first in the school?s fleet that is installed with seat belts.

Total school enrollment is 961.